Kratom Herbal Tea Experiment

One factor that separates ETHA from other botanical companies is our avid research and development through our own in-house ETHA Lab and through our outside third party partners. Our passion for science and exploration is reflected in all the products we bring to you. Enjoy this experiment we did on kratom tea.

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Triple-filtration, or specifically triple-filtered kratom, refers to kratom that has been taken through THREE (3) stages of filtration, with each stage designed to remove specific contaminants and or fillers. The result is cleaner, safer, and higher quality kratom, which is also more potent.
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Best Kratom Practices: ETHA Lab Testing
Our tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the crucial characteristics that sets ETHA apart. We continue to go beyond basic standards  and minimum requirements to be the very best kratom manufacturer. Our Research and Development (R&D) team never stops working on new concepts, products and projects. 
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Kratom Tea Experiment
A very popular way to use kratom is to add to hot water to create a kratom tea. In fact, kratom teas are the preferred way to enjoy kratom for hundreds of years throughout Southeast Asia. The question we have is,

“How much alkaloids (the active ingredients in kratom) do you get when making a kratom tea?” 

To determine the difference between kratom vs. a kratom tea, we created an experiment to determine the total alkaloid content of kratom powder vs. hot-water extraction (tea) vs. lemon juice pre-soak with hot-water extraction (kratom + lemon + tea). 

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