ETHA Real Customer Testimonials

The plant-based, all-natural, super food KRATOM helps people LIVE FULLY!


ETHA is THE choice for kratom. Excellent quality, triple verified and transparent testing results. Simple and precise and ETHA has the customer in the highest priority. I have tried multiple vendors across multiple levels of cost and potency, but now ETHA is and will be my vendor as they are incomparable. Thank you ETHA!

Travis Jess

Great product and I like that it is tested and batched. They go the extra mile to ensure quality. I bought some for my elderly mother and it has also helped her pain. If it wasn’t good I would never have given it to her.

Lorna Bolding

Absolutely love ETHA products. Tablet form is the best! I will say, I spent a great deal of time looking for a safe product. Reading the testing that goes into their products is what ultimately led to my decision. So glad to have found you! Worries gone! Thanks to ETHA Natural Botanicals

Natalie Beeck

I have had many positive experiences with Etha’s products. They always provide quick relief and it’s nice to know that they lab test and regulate everything. I personally feel the extra money is worth it to have it in tablet form - my days can be busy enough and I don’t need to worry about the mess of putting it in capsules. If you’re not sure which product to try, they’re always willing to answer questions and steer you in the right direction.

Chrissie Holtz

ETHA has truly helped me to live life fully by providing me with great energy and focus requires for those 15-16 hour days! It also helps reduce anxiety and stress at major events and meetings! This product exemplifies quality and leads the industry’s best practices and safety standards!Thank you ETHA for helping me build my dreams by serving one Boba Latte drink at a time!

Todd Bui

Best kratom brand I've ever tried. all of the strains are phenomenal my favorites are full spectrum and midday gold. nothing else compares and the tablets are so much better than capsules. this is a one a kind company that helps so many people with chronic pain. if I could give you guys more than five stars I totally would!!!!

Nyree Austin

Wonderful products, high quality and top notch professional service!!!

Michael Whilden

Tried some of the tablets and I was really blown away by how good and effective they were. I deal with lower back pain and they really helped me out.

Ryan Stewart

Great pain relief, energy and anti anxiety

Teresa Mendus