ETHA is proud to partner with several naturopathic practices. These naturopathic doctors see the value of incorporating ETHA herbal tea to their comprehensive health tools. Because ETHA is able to harvest and blend kratom plants with different alkaloid profiles, naturopathic doctors can use kratom to address several conditions. From pain to fatigue to anxiety, naturopathic practices can be more effective with ETHA kratom.
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While traditionally, kratom was used for mitigating physical pain, we cannot overlook kratom’s overwhelming support on non-physical distress. As such, the relationship between mental health and kratom deserves attention. Non-physical or mental distress can present itself in several different ways. These include anxiety, stress, inability to focus, and even depression.
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To answer the question of how much kratom herbal tea to use, two very important facts must always be kept in mind:

  1. Every person metabolizes food and herbal botanicals differently.
  2. Every natural product harvest varies.

At ETHA Natural Botanicals, our mission is to provide transparency and scientific lab results so our customers can make informed decisions and achieve desired results. This helps demystify some of the variations in alkaloid content that happen in every kratom harvest.

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