Kratom Tea Experiment
A very popular way to use kratom is to add to hot water to create a kratom tea. In fact, kratom teas are the preferred way to enjoy kratom for hundreds of years throughout Southeast Asia. The question we have is,

“How much alkaloids (the active ingredients in kratom) do you get when making a kratom tea?” 

To determine the difference between kratom vs. a kratom tea, we created an experiment to determine the total alkaloid content of kratom powder vs. hot-water extraction (tea) vs. lemon juice pre-soak with hot-water extraction (kratom + lemon + tea). 

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Best Kratom Live Kratom Plants: ETHA Live Kratom Plants

Did you know that ETHA grows its own kratom plants right here in the USA? This endeavor allows us to learn a tremendous amount about kratom while also producing better products. 

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Best Kratom Blends: Kratom and Matcha for More Energy
At ETHA, we make it a point to pay attention to our customers and retail partners suggestions. After all, that is how some great products, such as Pet Kratom, and Midnight Dream were inspired and born. Therefore, when recommended to combine Matcha with our high quality kratom, we thought…Let’s Do it! Take one great thing, combine it with another equally great, yet different in benefit thing, and magic happens. As such, “SlimFit Blend” was born.
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Kratom, is a fairly new natural product to enter into Western culture, but it has been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia.  Learn about the history of kratom through a review of the origins of kratom, traditional uses, and continued uses in modern times. 
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