Best Kratom Subscription: Best Kratom Discount Monthly

Best Kratom Subscription: Best Kratom Discount Monthly

Subscribe and Save 30%

Have you ever run out of kratom just when you need it the most? The pain starts to kick in or your energy is at an all time low, but there’s no ETHA kratom to be found.

ETHA Subscriptions simplify your reordering process. No more running out of kratom! Whether you prefer exclusive tablets, triple-filtered nano powders, extract products or our teas, simply select your kratom choose the quantity, subscribe, and simplify your life. Then sit back, as you enjoy the most reliable and consistent kratom.

How ETHA Subscriptions Work: 

  1. Choose Exclusive Tablets or Triple Filtered Nano Powders 
  2. Or Select from our ETHA Drinks varieties
  3. Choose the Size and Quantity 
  4. Subscribe 

Now reap the rewards: 

  • 30% DISCOUNT on your monthly subscriptions. This includes initial and ALL reorders 
  • FASTER processing time 
  • EASY PAYMENTS with one-time credit card sign up 
  • NO FEES when you sign up or cancel 
  • Complete control over what you want to order. CANCEL ANYTIME

How are the Lowest Prices Possible? 

How is it that we can bring you lower prices? Simple. When we save money, we want to pass on those savings to you. We really have you, our ETHA extended family, to thank for getting this ball rolling. When we first rolled out our subscription program, we had no idea what a success you would help it to become. In the months since we initiated our subscription program, we have seen the subscription numbers grow daily. As such, this has allowed us to completely restructure our prior relationships with our kratom harvesters. In the past, since we could not plan ahead and did not know what orders would come in, we would place more orders with our harvesters, but each smaller in number. Consequently, this cost us more money. We have to pay the harvesters for their time each time and of course, the shipping costs each time.

With more consistency of orders through subscriptions, we have also been able to reduce our manufacturing cost. Our team can work single production operations longer without having to switch to new operations frequently. For example, we can pasteurize kratom leaves for a full day rather than pasteurizing, filtering, and mixing/blending in the same day. This ‘batch processing’ reduces the overall production time by eliminating the need to switch processing steps. This can only be done if we have enough volume of orders.

With the success of our subscription services (thanks guys!), small orders that are costly in terms of shipping and manufacturing are a thing of the past! We now have a much clearer idea of specifically what products are needed each month and as such can plan ahead. This planning ahead allows us to place fewer orders with the harvesters, but each larger in volume. As such, the harvesters make more money with each round of orders and, since we are placing fewer orders, our shipping costs have decreased. In sum, we save money thanks to you. What’s a better way to say thank you, than to pass on the savings to you with lower prices across the board and the lowest priced kratom subscriptions.


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