What is Triple Filtration?

Triple-filtration, or specifically triple-filtered kratom, refers to kratom that has been taken through THREE (3) filtration stages, with each stage designed to remove specific contaminants and or fillers. The result is cleaner, safer, and higher quality best kratom. Additionally, as you will read below, the result is more potent and alkaloid-rich kratom.

Single filtration of kratom only removes large particles from the kratom batch, on the other hand, three-stage or triple filtration helps to remove all unwanted materials. The multiple filtration stages target different types of contaminants and result in higher tiered kratom and kratom end-products. 

ETHA Best Kratom Manufacturer: Highest Standards

ETHA Natural Botanicals not only sources the most effective botanicals, but we also grow our very own botanicals in our USA-based ETHA Greenhouses. 

Our pinnacle products are made from the mitragyna speciosa plant, more commonly known as kratom. ETHA actively researches all the remarkable medicinal capabilities found in kratom, especially for pain relief. We make all-natural kratom available through convenient products like our pressed tablets that pack the greatest amount of kratom leaf in the smallest volume. ETHA ensures our botanicals are safe through proprietary quality procedures like ultra-high heat pasteurizationtriple filtration, manufacturing in our USA-based above GMP facility, and extensive in-house laboratory testing. Safe, high quality, potent kratom products are not only our business but our mission and that which makes us invaluable in the botanical industry. 

Our Research and Development (R&D) team not only works on new concepts, products and projects, but also helps our Manufacturing team improve. Our emphasis on triple filtration is just one way our R&D team helps Manufacturing stay ahead in the industry. ETHA customers remain loyal because ETHA is a trustworthy company and ETHA’s products always strive to be safe to consume. Some additional examples of ETHA’s exceptional manufacturing safety standards include quarantine of harvest until cleanliness and potency is lab verified, triple filtration, and ultra-high heat pasteurization. Once a harvest enters our USA facilities, we immediately quarantine it. Until we clear it free from any adulteration and any harmful biologics using our proprietary triple-filtration process and lab testing.  



Why Triple Filter?

Because kratom is a natural plant, there is variability between each and every harvest. This also includes particle size as the kratom plant is grounded into a powder. Long kratom fibers can pass through grinders causing the resulting kratom powder to be coarse and harder to consume or mix. To get to a consistent, nano-sized ultra-fine powder, ETHA will use several filtering and grinding steps. Our Manufacturing team is dedicated to creating consistency and quality, so they will do whatever it takes to make sure our customers get ever improving products. 

Most kratom vendors, if they filter their kratom at all, will filter it only once. However, as mentioned above, ETHA employs the extra steps and efforts of a triple filtration process. In some cases, ETHA Manufacturing will manually hand filter kratom powder to remove large fibers. The ETHA Labs team has tested these fibers and determined that they have little to no alkaloids. In other words, they provide little benefit and as such we deem it not necessary to the batch. Most kratom companies will skip this step and their end-products end up with less active ingredients and therefore less potency.

Consequently, all this additional effort does cost ETHA more time, and money. However, it is precisely through this extra effort and these extra steps that we produce the superior ETHA brand and products that our customers expect. 


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