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ETHA Mints Powered by Kratom

ETHA Mints Powered by Kratom

Mints – Powered by ETHA Kratom Extract 

ETHA proudly and excitedly announces our newest product offering...MINTS. No, these are not your average Tic-Tacs or Mentos. Delicious, refreshing, effective, and powered by the best kratom extracts and ETHA superior quality. 

etha kratom mints

Introducing ETHA's delicious, new peppermint flavored mints powered by ETHA kratom extracts. This is an under the tongue dissolving mint with 57 mg total of the best kratom extracts. This product is not only refreshing and delicious, but may support occasional pain, increase natural focus, and may boost natural energy and overall mood.†

And for those kratom users weary of the bitter kratom taste, do not fear! With ETHA Mints all you taste is the delicious cooling mint flavor with no kratom bitter taste at all! Each packet contains two (2) 500 milligram mints with 57 mg of total alkaloids (40 mg of mitragynine) each.  

Simply place one tablet under the tongue and let it fully dissolve for immediate absorption into the bloodstream and instant effect. For full efficacy and strength allow it to fully dissolve under the tongue. The Mints can also be swallowed at any time for traditional absorption and extended relief. 

Not recommended to exceed three (3) mints in a 24 hour period. 

With ETHA Mints, fresh breath and all the benefits of kratom are here. Enjoy and LIVE FULLY!


Extract Kratom Explained

Some common synonyms for concentrated kratom products include extracts, extract capsules, extract drinks, concentrates, and concentrated capsules. These extract and concentrated products are not new to the market. And in fact recently the kratom industry has seen a huge influx of kratom extract drinks. However, whereas a lot of other manufacturers only focus on boosting the mitragynine percentage of their extract products, ETHA does things differently. ETHA’s goal and mission is to provide a well-rounded approach to overall wellness. At ETHA, we do not just take a single alkaloid (mitragynine) and boost its potency but combine a full spectrum blend of ALL the kratom alkaloids and concentrate them. Therefore, unlike most extracts or concentrates in the market, that claim 5X, 10X, or even 40X of just mitragynine, ETHA products offer a full blend of alkaloids and an all-around well balanced support. 

Best Tasting Kratom: ETHA Best Kratom

Our tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the amazing characteristics that distinguishes ETHA in the kratom industry. We continue to go beyond basic standards and minimum requirements to be the very best kratom manufacturer. Our Research and Development (R&D) team never stops working on new concepts, products and projects. One common complaint in the kratom industry is how bitter and sometimes downright yucky kratom can taste. So what did ETHA do? We created a delicious extract shot powered by a full spectrum of alkaloids and paired with delicious hazelnut flavor and creamy goodness of MCT oil. We then followed that up with our cooling, thirst-quenching, naturally energy boosting and naturally mood enhancing ReFresh tea. ReFresh is the world's only kratom beverage made from brewed whole-leaf kratom. You get all the goodness of kratom leaves in a refreshing drink. 

Not to forget that ETHA was the pioneer manufacturer of the best kratom pressed tablets. No need to even deal with the bitter taste of kratom. Just swallow and go on and enjoy your day. But of course, it wouldn't be ETHA best kratom if we simply stopped there.  

We are so excited to have you try these amazing new produces. And of course, above all else, the ETHA quality you trust, and love remains true in all these new products. These mint products are always lab-tested with Certificates of Analysis that you can easily look up on our site. They are also portable and easy to take and taste amazing! (How many other kratom/kava products can boast that feat?!) 

Finally, we never add any superficial ingredients, binders, fillers, or additives. Like all our products, our kratom mints are simple, pure and true 




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