Best Kratom Powder: ETHA Kratom Nano Powder Explained

Best Kratom Powder: ETHA Kratom Nano Powder Explained

What is Kratom Nano Powder?

Nano Powder is powdered material with individual particles in nanometer (nm) scale. Or, in the case of best kratom Nano Powder, individual grind size in nm scale. Nanoparticles are made up of a large amount of atoms or molecules bonded with each other with a total size varying from 1 nm to around 100 nm. Simply put, incredibly small grind sizeultra-fine kratom powder.

One of the benefits of a solid, long-term successful relationship with our Indonesian farmers, is they happily get us the finest and best kratom harvests that they have. But, unlike most other kratom vendors, ETHA does NOT rely on our farmers and harvesters to manufacture our kratom products. ETHA manufactures all its kratom products from start to finish. 

Pasteurization to eliminate harmful biologics, grinding leaves, and triple filtering is all done in our USA-based, above Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) manufacturing facility. We let our farmers and harvesters focus on what they do best, which is growing and harvesting the best kratom leavesETHA focuses on what we do best, which is lab testing, production/manufacture, and product development. This partnership produces the most trusted botanical products. 

How to make ETHA Ultra-Fine Nano Powder

For those of us who prefer kratom powder to other forms of kratom, the benefits of Nano Powder are like Christmas morning, a four-day weekend, and a 10 course gourmet meal all in one. It is an incredible experience. Like ETHA itself, Nano Powder is the superior, top-quality, “crème de la crème” in its category.  Although of course, yes... shameless plugin, we here at ETHA cannot stress enough how amazing our unique kratom pressed tablets are. Nevertheless, we fully acknowledge and respect that for a traditionalist it is kratom powder or nothing.

Whereas most traditional kratom powders tend to be gritty, messy, difficult to mix and consume, kratom Nano Powder is different. Nano Powder is ultra-fine and miniscule in grind size and as such, devoid of grit typically associated with kratom powder. Likewise, it is significantly easier to mix and therefore easier to consume. Finally, once you consume Nano Powder, your system can easily and quickly absorb it. And, unlike kratom capsules, the effect is nearly instantaneous. 

What Other Kratom Vendors Do...Spoiler, It Is NOT Good

A little-known secret about the kratom industry is that most kratom vendors (NOT ETHA) rely on local Indonesian farmers to do their kratom powder production. Most Indonesian farmers and harvesters do NOT have the knowledge nor the resources to obtain the right equipment to grind and filter their kratom in a SAFE way. (Some will even hook up junk yard car engines to grinders releasing pollutants into their kratom. Most will use outdated equipment that has tremendous wear and tear that may leave metal micro shavings from the grinding teeth in the kratom. There are a couple larger scale production outlets in Indonesia that will process harvests from local farmers and harvesters. While some of them may do things properly, there is no way for a kratom vendor to ensure how clean and safe the process is because they are not there in Indonesia. That is one of the reasons why a kratom vendor can get one harvest that is clean and another that has issues from the same farmer. The farmer uses a production group in the city that may be using equipment that has been contaminated by a previous harvest and does not have proper cleaning procedures.  

Why do kratom vendors allow these unsafe practices to continue? Why do they put the cleanliness and safety of their kratom in the hands of those that are far away without any accountability? Because it is cheap and easy and gives them the most profit. Anyone can buy kratom powder from an Indonesian harvester or middleman and pack it into a bag and sell it. What most cannot do is setup their own above GMP manufacturing plant and processing procedures.  

Because of these potential issues, ETHA does ALL our own production and manufacturing. This is tremendously more expensive, but we believe it is worth it to ensure our ETHA family gets the cleanest and safest kratom products. 

Why ETHA Nano Powder: Quality, Safety, Transparency

If kratom Nano Powder is the ultimate in its category, ETHA is the place to obtain your Nano Powder products. This is why some of the most successful vendors in the kratom industry like Happy Hippo and Kava Culture rely on ETHA as a powder provider source.) ETHA Natural Botanicals is not your average vendor. We implement a “hands on” approach to every area of product manufacturing. Research and Development is conducted by our very own ETHA Labs and through partner, independent labs. We own every step of the process to bring the very best kratom botanical products directly to you.

This is the ETHA Difference. 

As mentioned above, we have a solid and successful relationship with our Indonesia harvesters. And as such, trust them to bring us their very best harvests. However, trust alone is not enough. Some vendors will put out a product based on the word of the harvesters only. But the farmers in Indonesia are limited in their resources and equipment and therefore, cannot guarantee the quality that ETHA demands. In everything we do we stand by our pillars of quality, safety and transparency. Every harvest that enters our facility is always tested BOTH by an independent third-party lab and our own ETHA Labs. We pasteurize, grind, and filter all of our kratom out of our above GMP, USA-based facility. We test for things like lead, which many labs will omit, but who wants lead or pieces of an outdated grinder in their kratom? And finally as always, every product that leaves the ETHA warehouse comes with a QR code that takes you directly to current labs for each harvest comprising your particular product. You can trust that you are receiving the cleanest and smoothest kratom powder. LIVE FULLY! 

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