Kratom Herbal Tea Bags

Kratom Herbal Tea Bags

ETHA Kratom Herbal Tea Bags

At ETHA Natural Botanicals part of our mission is to make natural botanicals readily available through convenient and reliable products. As such, we are super excited to add ETHA Single Origin Kratom Herbal Tea Bags to our repertoire.
Though second in popularity to coffee, nevertheless, there isn’t denying that tea is a popular and well-loved beverage. And of course, it’s not surprising given the slew of benefits teas offer like energy, hydration and stress relief. Therefore, we decided to simplify the process of soaking and brewing your own kratom, with our own conveniently packaged and perfectly sized kratom herbal tea bags.
Our tea bags are a convenient and effective way to enjoy this superfood. Enjoy your kratom herbal tea beverage hot or iced as you may support your natural energy, vitality and alleviate occasional discomfort.†
Single Origin Kratom Herbal Tea
ETHA directly sources our kratom. This is especially true for the kratom used in our kratom herbal tea bags. We find forests with the best kratom leaves for making tea. We look for leaves that have both an effective alkaloid profile as well as a clean flavor. For our two kratom tea bag products, we went with two of our favorite forests in Sawit Seberang and Lhoksukon.


Sawit Seberang Green Kratom Herbal Tea

Our Single Origin Green Kratom Tea Bags are filled with whole-leaf green kratom from Sawit Seberang forest. Sawit Seberang is a lush forest in Northern Sumatra about 2 hours from Medan. It was once the location of palm oil production with remanence of farms and plantations scattered throughout. Now, Sawit Seberang is the home of more sustainable and environment-friendly kratom harvesting. The growing conditions in Sawit Seberang develop a clean and smooth kratom herbal tea taste. Enjoy the uplifting energy of ETHA’s Single Origin Sawit Seberang Green Kratom Herbal Tea Bags.


Lhoksukon Red Kratom Tea

Our Single Origin Red Kratom Tea Bags are filled with whole-leaf red kratom from Lhosukon forest. Lhosukon is in the northern most region of Sumatra in the Aceh province. It enjoys a tropical rainforest climate. Lhosukon rests next to the mountains and the coast where rice, coffee, and cattle are raised. The climate produces red kratom leaves that have a smooth, earthy flavor with a soothing finish. Enjoy the calm and relaxation of ETHA’s Single Origin Lhoksukon Red Kratom Tea Bags.


How to Brew Kratom Herbal Tea

Traditionally, brewing kratom leaves with hot water into a kratom herbal tea was one of the more popular ways to enjoy kratom.  In fact, kratom herbal teas are still the preferred way to enjoy this superfood. Although tea is a popular way to enjoy kratom, one common question we get is whether you affect the amount of alkaloids in the kratom herbal tea by adding hot water to the leaves?

Steeping herbs and plants in hot water is a common method to extract alkaloids, flavonoids, and others desirable compounds. When it comes to kratom leaves, using boiling water is a good way to extract the alkaloids. While boiling water will NOT destroy the alkaloids, the average steeping of kratom leaves will not extract ALL the alkaloids. Therefore, if you want to extract as many of the alkaloids as reasonably possible, we recommend pre-soaking the dried leaves in a weak acid such as lemon juice or adding pure lemon or other citrus directly into your tea.

More Potent Together

We love starting the day off with our Sawit Seberang Green Kratom tea. It helps us restore our natural energy levels and promotes vitality.† We end the day with our Lhoksukon Red Kratom tea which helps us to relax and destress after a long day.†

When we want to experience more potency, we combine our ETHA single origin tea bags with one of our other kratom products like our pressed concentrated kratom herbal tea tablets or a dash of our liquid kratom concentrate. Just have a couple convenient ETHA kratom tablets with your ETHA tea for an instant boost.  Alternatively, pour a serving of our liquid concentrate into your tea, stir and experience the extra benefits. 

Enjoy the extra boost and the extended hours of benefits. Drink your way to better wellness with ETHA Single Origin Kratom Tea Bags. LIVE FULLY!

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