ETHA Mints Powered by Kratom
Our delicious first new product in these new mints category is our peppermint flavored mints powered by ETHA best kratom. This is an under the tongue dissolving mint with 57 mg of best kratom extract. This product is not only refreshing and delicious, but may alleviate pain, increase focus, boost energy and overall mood
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ETHA Extract Kratom Explained
Some common synonyms for concentrated kratom products include extracts, extract capsules, concentrates, and concentrated capsules. These extract and concentrated products are not new to the market. However, whereas a lot of other manufacturers only focus on boosting the mitragynine percentage of their products, ETHA does things differently. ETHA’s aim and mission is to provide a well-rounded approach to overall wellness. As such, we do not take a single alkaloid (mitragynine) and boost its potency but combine a blend of ALL the alkaloids and concentrate them. Therefore, unlike most extracts or concentrates in the market, that claim 5X, 10X, or even 40X of just mitragynine, our products offer a full blend of alkaloids. 
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