Founders' Story

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Victor and Alexander, co-founders of Etha™, each suffer from chronic back pain as the result of incorrectly healed vertebrae and degenerating spinal discs. After decades of physical therapy, pharmaceuticals, injections, inversion tables and acupuncture, and faced with the gambles of surgery, Victor and Alexander both resorted to changing their lifestyles to limit physical activity. No more playing soccer, basketball, golf or other sports. Workdays were cut short, and evenings ended early when the pain became unbearable.


Then, in 2016, an all-natural botanical reached massive new audiences through a Joe Rogan podcast with Chris Bell.

After researching this botanical online by sifting through all the available information (and misinformation), Victor ordered a variety of product samples and started self-experimenting in order to find out if it really worked.

Amazed at some of the experimentation results, Victor shared the idea of using this botanical leaf with Alexander. This ultimately started a path to naturally overcoming their painful struggles as they incorporated exercise, yoga, and diet changes to manage their health in natural ways.

Frustrations with reliability, and concerns with safety prompted the duo to embark on the mission to become the most trusted source of botanical products.

Fortunately, Victor’s and Alexander’s; education, career experience, and entrepreneurial success combine to create a honed set of skills perfectly primed to create a trusted, easy-to-use botanical supply that is validated and scientifically tested. (Yay!)

Working at high-tech Fortune 50 companies taught the two co-founders how to solve very complex problems, work globally, and build highly effective teams. Completely new skills were learned through the start-up and growth-phase of Utomic™, an innovative mobile phone protection company. Utomic™ designs and manufactures products in the USA and employs adults with disabilities.

While proud of their accomplishments, Victor and Alexander wanted to make a greater positive impact on the world and are devoting their expertise and lives to the natural medicine market.

At Etha™, we strongly support scientific research and knowledge seeking to discover, test and validate the many natural benefits of medicinal botanicals.


Straight from the Co-Founders! Check out their Live Fully Podcast and Live Fully YouTube




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