ETHA™ Affiliate Program

Spread the word about ETHA Natural Botanicals and make money!  When customers make qualifying purchases at using your Affiliate Link, you earn 10% Commission Fees!  You also get to give your contacts 20% discount on their first purchase through your custom shopping link.


To speak to current ETHA Affiliates and post questions to the co-founders, join the Facebook Etha Affiliate and Sale Community Group.


At ETHA, we strongly support scientific research and knowledge and strive to build trust and confidence with our customers. We hope to do the same with our affiliate program members. 

What is the ETHA Affiliate Program?

Spread the word about ETHA Natural Botanicals.  When customers make a qualifying purchase at using your Affiliate Link, you earn a 10% Commission Fee!
When New Affiliates sign-up through your contacts, you earn a 5% Fee on your contacts sales too!  
Once you reach $50 in Affiliate Commission Fees, we will disburse payment 45 days after the end of the month.  We have 3 easy and convenient methods for disbursing payment to you – electronic wire, physical check, or store credit.


What is Special about ETHA?

ETHA sets the highest standards in everything we do.
ETHA adds transparency in testing results, compliance with regulatory standards, and proper packaging and labeling to make botanicals more accessible, convenient and reliable. 
Our unique, 100% botanical pressed tablets with no fillers, binders, or additives.

How Do I Join?

Complete the Affiliate Registration form to apply:


How Does the Program Work?

We provide our Affiliates with an Affiliate Link and an optional Affiliate Coupon Code.  Share the Link and Coupon.  When customers use the Affiliate Link (or Coupon) and complete a Qualifying Purchase on, credits the Affiliate account the Commission Fees.

How Much Can I Earn?

10% of purchased products (minus discounts, taxes, shipping, and other fees).
0% for purchases less than $5
0% for Gift Card or Voucher purchases.
Commission Fees will NOT be earned for products that are returned, cancelled, or otherwise unpaid.
Products must be purchased on

Do I Earn Money for Customer Reorders?

Yes, you will receive Affiliate Commission Fees when a customer reorders.  These re-orders are tracked by Cookies from for up to 365 days.  

Do My Contacts Get Discounts?

Yes, your contacts will enjoy 20% off their first purchase using your affiliate links.

Where Can I Advertise My Affiliate Link and Coupon?

You may post your Affiliate Link on websites, forums, social media accounts, emails, and other channels that reach ETHA Customers.
Do NOT spam, do NOT ‘hi-jack’ comment threads, do NOT post in a manner that would be considered annoying.
Do NOT post your Affiliate Link in a way that competes with direct ETHA Marketing. 
Do NOT post on ETHA websites, ETHA Product Review Sections, ETHA Marketing Advertisements, ETHA Social Media Pages or other ETHA Accounts.

Can I Advertise to my Friends and Family?

Yes, you can provide your friends and family your Affiliate Link and Coupon.  Really anyone, as long as you are NOT trying to manipulate or ‘game’ the Affiliate Program.

When do I get paid?

End of the month + 45 day delay.
After you have earned at least $50, you can request to be paid out at the end of the month.  Pay outs will be delayed an additional 45 days to allow for our 45 day product return policy. 

How do I get Paid?

We have three options:
Electronic Bank Transfer ($25 processing fee is subtracted from the payout)
Mail a physical check
Email an ETHA Voucher for ETHA Products sold at

Can I use ETHA Logo and Trademarks?

Yes, Affiliates will have access to ETHA Logos, Trademarks, and other creative assets.  The creative asserts must be used appropriately.  We have a brand guide to help with the details.

What are 2 Tier Affiliates?

Help us find more Affiliates, and earn more money.
Let’s say a New Affiliate signs up via your Affiliate Link. Now you receive 5% of the earnings that New Affiliate generates (10% of their customer sales), as long as they are an Affiliate.

Are There Any other Restriction?

Please be kind and courteous.  No negative commentary, offensive content, or other unacceptable activities.
Please check the Affiliate Policy and Affiliate Program Agreement for additional details.
Please Contact with Additional Questions.

Do I tell people I earn a fee?

Yes, tell people “As an ETHA Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

How do customer receive products?

We ship direct from our US-based cGMP qualified facilities; direct to the customer.

What if a Customer has a question?

If there is an issue or question about an ETHA Product, please direct the customer to:

Additional Stuff 

You cannot put links to ETHA webpages, social profiles, or published content on pornography, gambling, or websites that participate in illegal activities or are in violation of Federal Communication Commission rules and policies.  If you do, you will be immediately removed from our affiliate program.  


??? Still Have a Question ???

Send an email to


Complete the Affiliate Registration form to apply: