Best Kratom Tablets: Tablets vs. Capsules

What are ETHA Kratom Tablets?

ETHA Kratom Pressed Tablets are ETHA’s proprietary best-selling product with no fillers, binders or additives. ETHA’s kratom tablets are an alternative to messy kratom powder and hard to consume kratom capsules. These kratom tablets are small, easy-to-consume, portable, and 100% pure kratom. Many consider them as the gold standard of kratom manufacturing due to ETHA’s high-quality products and labeling transparency.

An ETHA tablet has approximately 300 milligrams of 100% pure kratom and is about 1/3 the size of an equivalent kratom capsule with the same amount of kratom. No barriers, no fillers, and no additives. 



Pros and Cons of Kratom Capsules

There is a reason kratom capsules are so popular among kratom users, as there are quite a few benefits to them. The capsules are easily portable and less messy than powders. Powders are gritty and do not mix well and as such, are hard to consume. Capsules on the other hand, are much easier to consume and not gritty unless you accidentally chew them. However, as with most good things, even capsules have a downside. 

Kratom capsules cons:

  • There are people who are allergic to capsule material. 
  • Capsules have more buoyancy, so they are harder to swallow than tablets. 
  • There are people who feel bloated or full when consuming too many capsules. (The average dose with capsules is 4-6 capsules so the quantity can be difficult for some to digest).
  • Capsules effects are felt instantly and do not come with extended release, so you will need to take them again in a shorter period of time.
  • Lots of vendors will put their older kratom into capsules and leave the fresher stuff for powder.
etha kratom powder tablets capsules
2.5 g of kratom in different forms

ETHA Kratom Tablets vs Capsules

Some kratom users are traditionalists and for them it will only be kratom in powder form and nothing else. However, for those of us who want a little more portability and convenience kratom capsules are no longer the only option. ETHA Kratom Pressed Tablets are ETHA’s proprietary best-selling product with no fillers, binders or additives. They are an alternative to messy kratom powder and large, hard to consume kratom capsules. Our kratom tablets are small, easy-to-consume, portable, and 100% pure kratom. If you are searching for a smaller, better, more potent alternative try ETHA Pressed Kratom Tablets. 

Benefits of Kratom Tablets:

  • Ultra-compact, approximately 1/3 the size of a comparable capsule 
  • Extended-release means less kratom needed throughout the day 
  • 100% kratom plant, no fillers or additives 
  • Easy to use, tablets go down fast making them easier to swallow than capsules
  • Bitter no more, pressed tablets means avoiding the bitter taste of kratom 
etha kratom tablets

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