Best Kratom for Sleep: Kratom and Improved Sleep

ETHA Natural Botanicals manufactures all-natural kratom products to promote relaxation and naturally alleviate stress. Try them to promote relaxation and improve your sleep.


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Best Kratom For Fitness: How To choose
Try ETHA fitness kratom products as an all-natural workout boost to turn your next workout into your best workout ever. Many trainers will tell you that you don’t need a lot of equipment to make the most of your workouts. With proper motivation, focus and ETHA best kratom you can enhance and improve your next workout. Stay hydrated, stay positive and try adding ETHA Kratom to boost your workout naturally with kratom.
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Best Kratom Practices: ETHA Lab Testing
Our tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the crucial characteristics that sets ETHA apart. We continue to go beyond basic standards  and minimum requirements to be the very best kratom manufacturer. Our Research and Development (R&D) team never stops working on new concepts, products and projects. 
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Kratom and Addiction: Is Kratom Addictive?
When you use kratom in its natural form, the likelihood of addiction is very minimal. However, the potential for benefits is very high.  When looking at the likelihood of abuse, the scientific mechanism of kratom’s alkaloids and the diminishing returns of higher quantities of use minimize the possibility of abuse.
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Kratom Tea Experiment
A very popular way to use kratom is to add to hot water to create a kratom tea. In fact, kratom teas are the preferred way to enjoy kratom for hundreds of years throughout Southeast Asia. The question we have is,

“How much alkaloids (the active ingredients in kratom) do you get when making a kratom tea?” 

To determine the difference between kratom vs. a kratom tea, we created an experiment to determine the total alkaloid content of kratom powder vs. hot-water extraction (tea) vs. lemon juice pre-soak with hot-water extraction (kratom + lemon + tea). 

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