Best Kratom and Tolerance: Kratom Tolerance & Know Your Dose

Best Kratom and Tolerance: Kratom Tolerance & Know Your Dose

Kratom Tolerance: Fact vs. Fiction

Is kratom tolerance a real thing? Yes. Does kratom tolerance signal the end of your love affair and use of kratom? Nope, so long as you learn from your experience and make some prudent adjustments.

What is Kratom Tolerance? Kratom Tolerance is the body's need to increase its previous kratom dose to achieve the kratom effects experienced from prior smaller dose . 

Do you feel like your prior kratom dose isn’t as effective and not quite doing it for you? Do NOT freak out! Kratom tolerance is a very real possibility for most regular users, but it does not have to be all bad. Remember when one cup of coffee was enough to get you through your day, but then maybe you needed that second or third in the afternoons? That is caffeine tolerance. But like with kratom it does not have to signal the end of your coffee drinking days.

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Remember when you used to feel like you got an amazing workout from running 3 miles, but then it got easier and you didn't burn as many calories? Did you give up running? No way! Like with most repetitive actions and activities after a while they lose some or all of their effectiveness. So what do you do? You learn from your experience, take note and...ADJUST. Whether it means switching to another form of kratom (best kratom pressed tablets!), another kratom blend, switching to espresso vs regular coffee, or adding some swimming to your previous running routine. Adjustment can be a great thing. 


Kratom Stages

The kratom journey and experience is different for everyone, no two situations are alike. However, for the most part there are three stages to the kratom experience:

New User Everything is Amazing: You found kratom and it works perfectly, each time you get the result you seek.

Experienced User - You Got this: You found your blend, you found your perfect kratom company (ETHA!!) and most of the time you get the effect you are searching for. Maybe once in a while you may have to make an adjustment or switch up your blends. But you Got this and you're Living Fully!

Time to Learn and Adjust: You just don't get that same feeling anymore. You take kratom and it's just not doing it for you. You get too sleepy or you get jitters or nothing at all. This is a possible example of kratom tolerance so time to review your situation and make some adjustments. Remember, this is not entirely a bad thing as you may learn something about yourself, about kratom and may get something even better out of the experience. Listen to your body and make prudent decisions. Oh yea, and check out some of our suggestions below...

  • Study your Kratom Vendors and Only buy best quality kratom: unfortunately most vendors are not selling high quality kratom, and if you find yourself buying bad kratom you will take more and more of this less potent, sometimes completely ineffective kratom. Make sure your vendor is abiding by GMP standards, lab testing and provides lab results amongst other things. In other words...BUY ETHA
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  • Abide by the "Less is More" concept: LISTEN to ETHA owners Victor and Alex discuss how they now use LESS kratom than when they started and feel their best. No  need to overdo it. Listen to your body and titrate to learn your kratom dose.
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  • Switch up your kratom blend or kratom variety: Fortunately for you ETHA makes kratom in different types of varieties. Tired of powder, try ETHA kratom tablets; tired of the taste of kratom, try ETHA delicious ReFresh brewed kratom or "two birds with one stone" and add some potent and effective hazelnut creamer to your only-one-per-day (tee hee) cup of coffee! Variety IS a good thing! If you have only ever taken SunRise, try SunSet or if you love your MaengDa spice it up a bit with Matcha and try DayBreak or SlimFit! Like we said, you may discover something else that you love even more.
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  • If all else fails...take a breather! You may feel yucky without your daily kratom dose at first (just ask ETHA co-owner Victor when he did his no kratom two week experiment!) but it may be the necessary change and recharge your body needs. Just be prudent, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise, and don't be afraid to reach out to our friendly staff with any questions. Most take kratom too and can be of great help.

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Remember what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Yeah...don't do that. Listen to your body. If you are not feeling the amazing effects of kratom like before, it is time to take note of the situation and make some prudent adjustments. Kratom is amazing, but like all things it must be used responsibly. Listen to your body, make adjustments and Listen to our ETHA experts too!

We are here to help you LIVE FULLY.

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