Best Kratom to Take: Kratom's Different Forms

Best Kratom to Take: Kratom's Different Forms

Kratom’s Different Forms

The kratom tree, which is closely related to the coffee plant, is an abundant plant grown throughout Southeast Asia.  There are several different ways kratom is sold to the public.  It is good to know some of the benefits and potential issues with each common form of kratom.

If you are looking for the purest form of kratom leaves harvested straight from the source with no fillers or additives, browse the ETHA Natural Botanicals online store today.

Not only does ETHA work closely with harvesters to select the very best kratom leaves for you, but we also rigorously laboratory test our products at our own ETHA LABS and 3rd-Party, Independent Labs before making our kratom tea products. We are one of the few manufacturers that also runs a laboratory devoted to botanical medicine. We label each bag we sell with lab test results from 3rd-party, independent laboratories and make the certificates of analysis available online. We also measure alkaloid content in each harvest and use our unique blend recipes to ensure each of our premium kratom tea products are consistently the very best.

Our strict selection and testing process means you will receive kratom tea products that are unmatched in quality each and every time.  This is why ETHA is the brand you can trust.


Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is one of the most popular and widely available forms of the botanical product today. While it is typically the least expensive way to purchase kratom, there are a few drawbacks to consider before you decide to purchase kratom powder. One of the biggest complaints about kratom powder is that it does not dissolve easily in water.  Kratom powder is also difficult to measure. 

If you enjoy kratom powder, go with the very best, ETHA kratom powders.  Unlike most other vendors who simply take kratom powder they get from unknown sources and put them in bags and sell, ETHA does an extensive process to ensure quality and safety. ETHA directly sources our whole-leaf kratom from trusted harvesters and put each harvest through our own filtering, pasteurization, and lab testing process. All of our kratom powder goes through a triple filtration process that creates the finest and cleanest kratom powder. Thanks to our thorough filtration process, ETHA kratom powder is the only Ultra-Fine Nano Kratom Powder on the market.


Kratom Capsules

Another popular way to purchase kratom is in capsule form.  Kratom capsules are significantly more expensive than kratom powders, but, give you the ability to more accurately measure out your kratom. Transporting kratom in capsule form is much cleaner and easier too.  One of the challenges is putting kratom into capsules yourself.  Filling up capsules can be tedious and messy.  It can also be difficult to fill up capsules completely as kratom is a loose powder making it hard to tightly pack into a capsule.  Some kratom vendors do offer capsules pre-filled with kratom, but they typically have several issues.  The amount of kratom you get in a capsule will vary and, most likely, not be the amount stated on the bottle.  For example, a vendor may state that the capsule is 500 milligrams, but they can include the weight of the capsule in the total weight.  When you measure just the kratom inside, it can be significantly less.  These vendors can also use older, less potent kratom for their capsules while reserving more fresh and effective kratom to be sold as powders.  Some even add fillers to their capsules.  Because these capsules are loosely filled with kratom, they tend to float a bit in water making them more difficult to swallow.  They are also larger in volume and size making them difficult for people who need higher quantities of kratom.  Capsules also create a barrier to the kratom slowing down the immediacy of kratom’s benefits.   Lastly, there are people who are allergic to capsules or just rather not add more foreign materials into their system.  They only want kratom tea.  What people are seeking are the conveniences of capsules with the purity of powders.


Kratom Tablets

If you want all the conveniences of capsules with the purity of kratom tea powders, your best option is ETHA’s exclusive kratom tablets.  Kratom tea tablets from ETHA consist of 100% pure kratom without any fillers, additives, or bonding agents.  Over five tons of pressure is applied to our triple-filtered kratom powders in order to create our ETHA tea tablets.  Like kratom capsules, kratom tea tablets are easy to measure and transport.  The difference is the total volume of kratom tea tablets is much less than that of kratom capsules.  An ETHA kratom tablet has approximately 300 milligrams of 100% pure kratom and is about 1/3 the size of a standard capsule with the same amount of kratom. Kratom tea tablets are also extended-release which means the benefits last longer than in any other form.  No capsule barriers, no fillers, and no additives means you get the purest, most convenient form of kratom with ETHA kratom tea tablets. And the pressed tablet form acts as an extended release stretching out the benefits of kratom tea.

How Are ETHA Kratom Tablets Made?

ETHA is able to make pure best kratom tablets through rigorous engineering.  To create 100% pure kratom tablets that are consistent in weight, uniform durability and appearance, requires precise flow, compression, and ratio of kratom per tablet.  The following need to be considered when making botanical tablets:

  1. Flow property
  2. Compression
  3. Tablet weight and size
 DIY Kratom Tablets

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