Best Kratom Extract Drink: Kratom Extract Smoothie

Best Kratom Extract Drink: Kratom Extract Smoothie

Kratom Extract Smoothie Drink

ETHA’s newest product offering is a Hazelnut Kratom Extract Smoothie Drink. The drink is a convenient 2-ounce, 2 Servings way to get your doses of Concentrated Full Spectrum alkaloids in a delicious Hazelnut smoothie.

We take a full spectrum kratom extract and pair it with MCT oil and Hazelnut. This concentrated, easy-to-take, super product supports occasional discomfort and promotes natural energy levels, focus, and stress response.†  Moreover, not only does this smoothie drink naturally boost your energy levels, but it also provides all around holistic health.†

It’s important to note that unlike other kratom extract products in the market that only focus on increasing mitragynine percentages of their products, this product contains a full spectrum of all of kratom’s alkaloids. Therefore, it supports overall wellness and health. 

We have been selling these shots at our Vista, CA store and sharing them with friends and family. The reviews have been very positive. People love the way the smoothie shot feels upon drinking, love the taste, and of course the benefits. It is a great alternative to the single-benefit extract shots currently in the market. The smoothie shots are here for you to purchase – BUY NOW

Extract Products Explained

Some common synonyms for concentrated kratom products include extracts, extract capsules, extract shots, concentrates, and concentrated shots. These extract and concentrated products are not new to the market. What is new and unique is ETHA’s approach to their formulation. Whereas a lot of other manufacturers only focus on increasing the mitragynine percentage of their products, ETHA does things differently. Part of ETHA’s mission is to provide a well-rounded approach to overall wellness. As such, ETHA does not just focus on boosting the potency of a single alkaloid (mitragynine) but combines a blend of ALL the alkaloids and concentrates them. Therefore, unlike most extract or concentrated products in the market, that claim 5X, 10X, or even 40X of just mitragynine, ETHA’s concentrated products offer a full spectrum blend of all alkaloids. Shop other ETHA extract products below:

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