Cinna-Mints - Powered by Kava & Kratom Extracts

Cinna-Mints - Powered by Kava & Kratom Extracts

Cinna-Mints Powered by ETHA Kava & Kratom Extracts

ETHA proudly and excitedly announces the second newest product in ETHA's MINTS category...Cinnamon Mints or Cinna-Mints. These are not your average cinnamon Altoids or Ice Breakers. Deliciously spicy and refreshing but also chalk full of benefits through the power of ETHA's Kratom AND Kava extracts.


ETHA's innovative combination of kava and kratom is flavored with the invigorating essence of cinnamon and the cool freshness of peppermint. Each 500mg cinnamon mint tablet is precisely formulated with 30mg of kavalactones, 20mg of mitragynine, and 28mg of total kratom alkaloids. 

Cinna-Mints are designed to improve mood and promote sociability. They may also alleviate occasional discomfort.† Importantly, Cinna-Mints may offer an effective alternative to alcohol consumption, delivering the inhibition and sociability you seek without the undesirable aftermath of an evening of drinking.


For optimal results, simply place a Cinna-Mint tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely. This method ensures immediate absorption into the bloodstream for rapid effects. Alternatively, the mint can be swallowed for traditional absorption and extended relief. For your safety and the product's best efficacy, ETHA recommends not exceeding three mints within any 24-hour period. 

Delicious, Effective, Pure and True

ETHA is excited to have you try our newest product. And of course, above all else, the ETHA quality you trust and love remains true in all ETHA products. These mint products are always lab-tested with Certificates of Analysis that you can easily look up on our site. They are also portable and easy to consume, and taste amazing! (How many other kratom/kava products can boast that feat?!) 


Like all ETHA branded products, ETHA Kava & Kratom Cinna-Mints are simple, pure and true. But if you are looking for just ETHA kratom extract products, shop our amazing options below.


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