Best Kratom Vendor: ETHA Helps Czech Republic Fight Ban on Kratom

Best Kratom Vendor: ETHA Helps Czech Republic Fight Ban on Kratom

Kratom Legality in Czech Republic

Kratom legality issues are not restricted to the United States. Czech Republic kratom vendors are currently in battle with policy makers to prevent an outright ban on kratom in the country. There are many issues that arise when kratom is involved such as quality and potential for addiction, but the major issue at play in this Eastern European country is the purchase of poor quality kratom from smoke shops and vending machines by minors. 

The European Kratom Alliance is a consumer advocacy organization formed in 2021 that aims to “spread the knowledge about Kratom and fight disinformation about our beloved plant.” They estimate there are up to 200,000 kratom users in the Czech Republic. Currently, kratom is currently 100 percent legal in the Czech Republic. 

Although kratom is technically legal in the country, it is not sold as a drug. Instead, it's part of the so-called gray market, used as a drug but sold as mislabeled products like dye for paint or as incense. This is a strategic move that allows sellers to circumvent food and pharmaceutical product safety rules. 

However, the problem with this is that it means anyone can buy kratom. Even kids. Teachers noticed more and more children were using it, and as such it was put before politicians. The government was faced with a decision: banning kratom, like many parents wanted, ignoring it, or controlling it. 

ETHA Kratom: Best Kratom in the Industry

ETHA is the best kratom vendor and best kratom product manufacturer in the industry. ETHA does things differently and BETTER. We do not gamble, cross our fingers and hope we get "some good kratom" from Indonesia. We have cultivated long-term, well-developed, and deeply rooted in trust relationships with our Indonesian farmers, whom we have met in person. But we don’t stop there. We grow our very own kratom in our USA-based greenhouse, which means we control the kratom quality from inception. When you want things done do it yourself. And we do! We implement a “hands on” approach to every area of kratom product manufacturing. We have our very own Research and Development team and ETHA Lab facility. All kratom that enters the warehouse, whether our own or from our trusted partners, is lab-tested by our Labs and through our partner university independent labs. All aspects of production are completed on-site at our Above Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) USA facility. We own every step of the process to bring the very best products directly to you.



It is precisely because ETHA kratom is the best kratom in the industry that the top Czech kratom vendor, Kratomia, selected ETHA as their main kratom provider. Kratomia is a company based in the Czech Republic that, amongst other botanicals, specializes in kratom product manufacture and sale. Kratomia and ETHA have been partners since late 2020. Kratomia invited ETHA to come speak at a Pro-Kratom Conference held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, that took place on June 29th, 2023. It is important to mention that ETHA was the ONLY American kratom manufacturer present at this conference. Also, notable attendee included Mac Haddow of the American Kratom Association and Senator Brian Kennedy from Rhode Island. Both high-value speakers spoke against a flat ban in favor of regulation like the one in the United States.  

 Regulate Kratom NOT Ban

These current events and controversy surrounding kratom continue to gain international notice. What to do with kratom, regulate, ban, ignore, has for a while now gone beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. The governments of Holland, Belgium and even Germany are closely monitoring how the Czech Republic will deal with this challenge. Thus, the regulation of kratom will not only affect the country, but the approach to the issue in the entire European Union. 

For ETHA, this was an important visit as ETHA’s goal was to educate the political figures of the Czech Republic (and Europe) why a flat ban is NOT in the country’s best interest. In fact, both ETHA speaker and co-Founder Alexander Karp, as well as, Mac Haddow of the American Kratom Association and Senator Kennedy from Rhode Island avidly recommended that the Czech Republic not make the same mistake as the couple of American states once did and issue a flat ban on kratom. Also, highly interesting to note, Senator Kennedy represents Rhode Island, one of these few American states that currently has a ban on kratom. And here he is in Europe arguing for regulation not a ban. Regulation, NOT a ban on kratom is the right approach 

Kratom regulation policy in the United States values public health as a whole and looks to reliable scientific evidence, not emotions, impressions, and misinformation and distorted evidence. In Mac Haddow’s own presentation he stated that the United States offers the Czech Republic cooperation, assistance and scientific resources in solving this current kratom problem.  

As such, the United States has presented an adequate legal framework and support for the Czech Republic, it seems that any flat ban on kratom is completely the wrong step. There is no single rational reason to ban kratom. The Minister of Health in Czech Republic has requested need for a legal framework to regulate kratom. And thanks to the hard work of the European Kratom Alliance (and some help from USA), he has it.  

So we sit and eagerly await the decision of the Czech Republic. Hopefully, they take into account all the hard work, all the evidence, and the presented legal framework. Hopefully, they take into account the presentations by the United States Senator, the AKA representative and our very own ETHA co-founder. Smart, meticulous regulation of kratom is the proper solution. Flat bans throughout history have led to booming black markets. One need only look to Slovakia, where kratom is banned, to see what a black-market mess that country is now. Regulation assures clean, quality products are offered to the public, whereas a ban assures crime, low quality products and much worse.  

As of the date of this blog, kratom is still 100% legal in the Czech Republic. YEAH!


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