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Boost Your Coffee with Kratom

Boost Your Coffee with Kratom

ETHA Coffee Kratom Booster

ETHA’s newest product offering is a Kratom Hazelnut-flavored Coffee Creamer. This is a convenient, 2-ounce way to get your dose of Concentrated Full Spectrum kratom alkaloids and to add a delicious boost of energy and functionality to your daily cup of coffee. 

We take a full spectrum kratom extract and pair it with MCT oil and Hazelnut flavoring. This concentrated, easy-to-take and easy to carry along, super product supports occasional discomfort and promotes natural energy levels, focus, and stress response.†  Moreover, not only does this coffee creamer naturally boost your daily coffee and daily energy levels, but it also provides all around holistic health.† 

Why Do We Drink Coffee?

There is no doubt that coffee is a very popular drink. However, the top reasons why people drink coffee are more than simply the caffeine content and the caffeine kick. A hot cup of coffee is the first thing hundreds of people reach for every morning and there are tons of reasons these people do so on a daily basis.  Undoubtedly, the caffeine in coffee helps to get people’s blood moving and makes them feel energized. Night shift workers and early morning workers especially tend to heavily rely on their coffee to help them get through their work shift.

Coffee has become a very social drink beverage. Mornings at the local coffee shop are the place to hang out with friends or meet to discuss business. Some coffee drinkers say they drink coffee to relax. While this may seem like an oxymoron considering that coffee is a stimulant, a hot cup of decaffeinated coffee or, for some people, even regular coffee can relax the senses and help them wind down and calm their nerves.  Researchers attribute the calming effect to the stimulation of the senses which aids in creativity and mental stimulus which in turn helps calm some people down.

Finally, there are millions of people who simply love the taste of coffee. This taste is different for every coffee drinker because of the vast variety of coffee flavors, roasts and varieties available on the market. Regardless of the flavor, people are enticed to their cup of coffee.  Regardless of the reasons why people drink coffee it is second only to water in consumption. Every day the number of coffee drinkers grows tremendously, adding their own reasons for drinking  it to the list.

Why Add Kratom Creamer to Coffee?

Now there is one more reason to enjoy your coffee. Add ETHA’s Kratom Hazelnut Coffee Creamer to coffee for a boost. Kratom was used throughout Southeast Asian countries for centuries. It has been traditionally used to help with pain and energy by those doing strenuous labor.  Kratom was used as a local anesthetic to help with coughs and with intestinal issues. People would chew on kratom leaves and spit out the leaf after a few moments.  Another popular way to enjoy kratom would be to brew some leaves in hot water to make a kratom herbal tea.

Today, kratom continues to gain popularity. Some of the alkaloids in kratom (it has 40+naturally-occurring alkaloids), like mitragynine, are researched for their potential to alleviate temporary discomfort. Others are researched for their potential to restore natural energy levels. Predominantly, kratom is used as a powder that is mixed in smoothies and brewed in hot water as a herbal tea or, thanks to ETHA, taken directly in convenient, whole-leaf pressed kratom tablets

But now, there is yet another convenient way to enhance your daily routine, if your daily routine includes a cup of coffee. Don’t deviate from your routine, but improve it! Go ahead and add a dash of our kratom creamer to your cup of coffee for a healthy and flavorful boost.

Your favorite coffee with a side of discomfort support. Or your favorite coffee with that extra natural energy kick without the jitters or crash. Who knows, thanks to kratom, you may find you’re not relying on the caffeine in coffee as much in the future.



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