Best Kratom for Energy: Best Kratom and Energy All Day

Energize your Day the ETHA Natural Way

At ETHA Natural Botanicals one of our common customer inquiries is about energy levels and how to maintain your energy naturally all day. Unfortunately, low energy levels or lack of energy affect millions of people across all genders and social classes. However, with ETHA’s botanicals you will be able to turn any day from lackluster into a great one. Whether you’re searching for a ‘clean energy’ solution for your day, an all-natural pre-workout boost, or you simply want to avoid that mid afternoon slump, ETHA’s all-natural products are here to help. It’s important to remember that not all kratom is the same and in fact has different properties depending on its alkaloid composition. While some kratom may help slow your thoughts and help you relax, others can have stimulating effects. It may make you feel more energetic and motivated to do everyday tasks more easily. Many people are starting to replace coffee with a cup of kratom tea.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We’ve recently had the pleasure to pair up with Sustainable Living Consultant, Monica Richards, @theecobabe. Monica is focused on health and wellness with a mission to empower people to “live more sustainably.”  Like many of us, she loves and depends on her coffee way too much. Take a look at what she had to say once she gave our Maeng Da Kratom (and Workout Kratom, featured below) a try.

Sustainable Living Consultant Monica Uses ETHA

Alkaloids and ‘Clean Energy’ 

There are over 40 naturally-occurring alkaloids in kratom. Some of these alkaloids like mitragynine, mitraphylline, and rhynchophylline, are researched for their ability to be vasodilators. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels to allow better blood and oxygen flow. And in fact, this is what gives people the ‘clean energy’ boost. Better flow can translate to better energy so you can start the day off right and keep it going. If you want to naturally alleviate fatigue and naturally support elevated energy levels†, give our Maeng Da Premium Kratom a try, since our ETHA Labs use only those harvests with the higher naturally occurring concentrations of vasodilator alkaloids to make this blend.



The Best Pre-Workout Boost

While some were born ready to workout, others need a little help and hey, we totally get it! We get the need for long-lasting energy levels, motivation, and focus before and during your workout. And that’s why we created our ETHA Workout Kratom. This premium blend supports natural energy levels, mood, and focus.† Turn a boring, exhausting workout into an exciting and productive one with a little natural support to get you up and going.

Yoga Enthusiast and Mom Hanna Uses ETHA


Start Your Morning with ETHA DAYBREAK BLEND

ETHA DAYBREAK tablets and ultra-fine, nano powder are made from 100% pure Matcha Green Tea and ETHA Green Kratom, plus Caffeine. This combination may reduce appetite, increase metabolism, promote fat burning, and improve physical activities for a healthier you.† 

Kratom and Matcha can be a great addition to your routine when used in moderation and from a trusted source like ETHA. Both plants can help to provide you with a boost in mood and energy. ETHA DAYBREAK in particular may be a good replacement for your morning coffee, may give you a boost in energy and even may provide users with a positive mood. This can be a great way to begin a productive day.  


 Fight the MidDay Slump

Once you’re off on such a great start, do not let the mid afternoon slump compromise your day. While it completely makes sense that a tedious day of to-do lists, coupled with a heavy lunch, can leave you starring off into space or snoozing at your desk, don’t rely on caffeine or energy drinks to recapture your focus and bring your energy back up. Although caffeine drinks will surely pep you right up, the side effects like insomnia and anxiety are surely are not worth it. Instead, reach for our MidDay Gold premium kratom made from our very best Yellow Kratom. MidDay Gold encourages concentration, promotes energy and supports a productive day†.


IT Professional Ryan Uses ETHA


Opt for a natural solution to all day energy. Stop struggling, start living fully, and maintain your energy naturally all day.