Best Kratom Strain: What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Best Kratom Strain: What is Maeng Da Kratom?

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da kratom is perhaps one of the most popular varieties of kratom on the market. However, it’s important to note that Maeng Da kratom is NOT a kratom strain but rather a marketing term commonly associated with a wide variety of kratom.

Maeng Da is so commonly used that it no longer has meaning in the kratom industry. Almost every vendor uses it to describe their kratom with no consistency or meaning to why their kratom is called Maeng Da Kratom. 

In actuality, Maeng Da is a slang term originating in Thailand that means “pimp”. When talking about kratom, it is used to denote “pimp grade”. Or simply put, high in quality and in potency. In other words, Maeng Da refers to a variety of kratom that can have a high alkaloid concentration.

At ETHA, we use the term Maeng Da to describe our recipe that has high levels of vasodilator alkaloids and low muscle relaxer alkaloids. In other words, it is our high energy and mood recipe that gets the distinction of being called ETHA Maeng Da.

Kratom Names Explained

The kratom plant, like many other plants, varies is harvests, size, quality and colors. These are just some of the factors that affect the type of products that the plant will produce. The kratom “colors” are based on the vein color of the leaves. Kratom harvesters sort the leaves by the vein colors. A light yellow is called “white”, a darker yellow to green is called “green”, and anything brown to purple to red is called “red”.  The yellow or gold kratom is what we call a white or green vein kratom that has gone through a water-based fermentation process.  Bentuangie is a common name for red vein kratom that has gone through a similar fermentation process.

The reason companies call their kratom all kinds of different names is purely marketing. 


The harvesters and farmers in Indonesia call their kratom all different names to lure USA importers to buy. The importers think they are getting different kratom strains, but they are not. Harvesters use catchy names like “Horned Kratom”, “Bali Red”, “Super Green Malay”, and “Maeng Da”. Farmers are putting those names on the kratom they pick that they think will sell the most. Therefore, there is no truth or consistency to these names.   


The ETHA Difference

Our customers trust best kratom from ETHA because we are a manufacturer that adds transparencytesting resultsregulatory standards, and proper labeling to make botanicals more accessible and convenient. We do not use misleading and meaningless names to “lure” in our customers. Rather, we let the quality of  our products speak for themselves.

For example, although Malaysia is one of the first countries that people think of when they think about kratom export countries, ETHA specifically does not base any of our products on the names out of Malaysia. Why? After all, how many different types of kratom are there that are known as “Malay strains”?

Because, technically speaking, it is illegal to use kratom in Malaysia at this time. Due to the way the laws are set up, kratom leaves can currently be exported from Malaysia as long as they are unprocessed. This means that leaves cannot be changed from their natural state. They must simply be harvested and exported, and there can be no domestic sales because kratom is illegal for personal use in Malaysia. This means no USA vendor is importing kratom out of Malaysia. As such, this is an unreliable and confusing way to identify kratom. And therefore, ETHA does not do it.


Maeng Da’s huge popularity in the kratom industry means our customers also demand products called Maeng Da. Therefore, ETHA carries its very own ETHA Maeng Da premium kratom blended pursuant to ETHA’s proprietary formula and designed to alleviate temporary discomfort and promote vitality.† ETHA Maeng Da premium kratom offers both a high quality product and a high mitragynine and alkaloid percentage. When you need a clean boost in energy and natural mood support, come to ETHA and give this premium kratom blend a try. 


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