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As an ETHA Approved Retail/Reseller, you have access to our exclusive wholesale pricing for ETHA’s entire line of products.

You will also have full use of our digital assets and of course, our team of designers can help you with point of purchase displays and marketing collateral. From window decals to free samples, you will have what you need to increase business with ETHA Natural Botanicals.

Whether you are running a retail store or helping people at your health facility, add ETHA to your offerings and enhance your business. ETHA is here to help you succeed.

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The ETHA Difference

Better than other Kratom Vendors

  • Proprietary Pasteurization
  • Treated for Contaminants
  • Independent, 3rd-Party Lab Testing
  • Highest Grade Leaves from the Source
  • No Fillers, Additives, Binders
  • Extended-Release Pressed Tablets

Better than other Supplements

  • Faster acting 
  • Extended release
  • All- natural 
  • Easy to take pressed tablets 
  • GMP Vendor 

Benefits of Buying Wholesale From Us

  • 60% off MSRP
  • 70% Reseller re-purchase rate
  • Incentive credits for free products
  • Re-purchase credits
  • Free samples for your customers
  • Marketing materials and swag


Increase in foot traffic to your stores…

***87.9% of all people who try ETHA end up buying an ETHA product

***45.7% of ETHA purchasers become lifetime customers (i.e. at least 4 purchases per year).

Statistics from 2022 YTD sales of ETHA Natural Botanical kratom tea products



 Maui Regenerative Medicine, HI

Dr. Kevin Davison, ND.

Natural Solutions for Health, CT

– Dr. Melissa Robinson, ND

Journey To Wellness, CA

– Elizabeth Cornelius, ND

Neuropathy Treatment Centers, PA 

– Dr. Shawn Richey

New York City Naturopathic, NY

– Dr. Saul Marcus, ND

For questions, please email us at or call us at 800-862-0341