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ETHA is excited to announce our collaboration with the “Everything Kratom” Podcast. Listen every Wednesday for ETHA’s segment on the podcast. You will be able to catch ETHA co-founders, Victor and Alexander, as they talk about kratom and answer questions from the podcast’s listeners. Everything Kratom is a podcast that covers “Anything, Everything…Kratom.”

ETHA Co-Founders on Sunflower Shoppe Podcast

Texas’ most trusted health food stores, TheSunflower Shoppe, hosts a podcast calledThe Healthy Approach. On April 30, 2021, they published episode 67 featuring ETHA Natural Botanicals’ co-founders, Alexander Karp and Victor Chung. The topic was pain management and kratom. Learn about kratom, its uses, why most people use kratom for pain, and why Sunflower Shoppe selects ETHA as its exclusive kratom provider

ETHA Featured on PRONEWS REPORT for Original Brand Manufacturing Program

On March 23, 2021, PRONEWS REPORT published an article about ETHA’s Original Brand Manufacturing program.

Etha Natural Botanicals (ETHA) announces the launch of Original Brand Manufacturing , a product, labeling, and distribution development endeavor that enables Kratom retailers across the U.S. access to its proprietary best-selling Kratom tablets with wrap around solutions. ETHA’s tablets are considered by many as the gold standard of Kratom manufacturing due to the company’s high-quality products and labeling transparency. Through OBM, ETHA uses its R & D and testing methods to deliver tailored product and packaging solutions to help small businesses expedite time to market with the highest quality products and labeling. The turnkey process improves the clients’ ability to occupy the shelf space of better retail operators.

Alexander Karp Talks ETHA and Essential Workers

Alexander Karp, Co-Founder and Head of Development for Etha Natural Medicine, goes onCloudcastto talk about the company’smissionand products, along with its support of frontlinegrocery store workers.

ETHA on Cloudcast

ETHA On The Healthy Approach Podcast

ETHA Natural Botanicals’ Co-Founders, Alexander Karp and Victor Chung, discuss kratom withBryan Bradfordon the Healthy Approach PodcastEpisode 48: Debunking the Myths about Kratom. Bryan is the lead nutrition specialist, Certified Health Coach and Chief Nutrition Officer and one of the founding family members ofSunflower ShoppeWellness Markets.

ETHA in Sunflower Shoppe Grocery Stores


Weighing the Benefits of Kratom, A Non-Psychoactive Pain-Relieving Botanical

San Diego Metro

ETHA Natural Botanicals delivers essential packages to support grocery store workers.

Ranch and Coast Magazine

For#GivingTuesdayNowEtha Natural Botanicalsdecided to focus on providing supportive care packages for local grocery store workers. “Local grocery store workers offer a lifeline for local businesses and the community,” says Victor Chung, co-founder of Etha Natural Botanicals.

San Diego County Proposed Ban

San Diego County of Supervisors held a public hearing on the proposal to ban the plant kratom. ETHA co-founders, Alexander Karp and Victor Chung, joined representatives from the American Kratom Association and other kratom users to present to the SD County of Supervisors.

Kratom Leadership Summit in Utah

Alexander Karp, Co-Founder of ETHA Natural Botanicals, joined other leaders in the kratom community in the annual leadership summit sponsored by the American Kratom Association. The leadership summit was instrumental in the passage of theKratom Consumer Protection Act in Utah.

Union Tribune San Diego Community Spotlight

Alexander Karp, Co-Founder and Head of Development for ETHA Natural Medicine, chats about his company’s focus on applying scientific research to advocate for natural medicine and products made from natural medicines like kratom.