The History of Kratom

The History of Kratom
While kratom is a fairly new natural product to enter into Western culture, it has been used for centuries to help those suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal. Since kratom is a relatively new natural remedy for many individuals, there is a general lack of information and understanding surrounding the plant’s efficacy, as well as its long standing historical use. That’s why, in today’s article on the history of kratom, we will be discussing the origins of kratom, how it was used traditionally, and how it continues to be used in modern times.
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Kratom’s Roots

Kratom has been described as, “a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) native to Southeast Asia.” While kratom has been documented extensively by botanists around the world, its first documented use for traditional medicine originated in the early 19th century. As a large evergreen tree, kratom can grow upwards of 80 feet tall while producing lustrous leaves and budding flowers.

Traditional Uses

For centuries, kratom has been used by the working class of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and many other Southeast Asian countries as a way to treat chronic coughs, diarrhea, intestinal-based illnesses, and much more. In fact, many farmers and laborers would chew on kratom leaves so that its effects provided long-lasting relief from pain and depression. Similarly to coffee, kratom has been known to produce mild stimulant-like effects, a small benefit for those taking part in tiring physical labor.

Modern Uses

While kratom may help many who suffer from debilitating depression and anxiety or dependence on pharmaceutical opioids, many individuals also use kratom as a way to try and manage chronic pain. In fact, it is not uncommon for those suffering from opioid withdrawal to use kratom, as many users report that it produces similar pain-relief effects. After all, mitragynine, one of the many active alkaloids in kratom, is an “indole-based opioid-receptor agonist,” meaning that the alkaloid provides relief from pain and anxiety by activating the opioid receptors. Some of kratom’s other alkaloids include 7-hydroxymitragynine which is being researched for its amazing pain relieving properties.  7-hydroxymitragynine has been shown to be significantly more effective than morphine while limiting respiration depression commonly associated with opioids.  Other alkaloids of interest include paynantheine and ajmalicine, all of which are being researched for their potential amazing benefits as muscle relaxers, cerebal oxygen boosters, and blood flow.   
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