Best Kratom for Withdrawal: Kratom and Withdrawal

Best Kratom for Withdrawal: Kratom and Withdrawal


Kratom and withdrawal is a popular google search. There are two ways this search term can be interpreted. “Kratom and Withdrawal” - can kratom cause withdrawal? And, “Kratom and Withdrawal” - can kratom be used to help withdrawal from other substances. The short answer is YES to both. We explore in more detail below. 

Kratom and Withdrawal: Truth vs. Fiction  

Is kratom withdrawal real? Yes. But it is important to understand what we mean by withdrawal. What is typically/usually thought of as "withdrawal"? Typically this term is used to describe the physical and mental symptoms that a person has when they suddenly stop or cut back on the use of an addictive substance, such as opiates and opioids, nicotine products, or alcohol. Opioid withdrawal is a particularly unpleasant and even sometimes life-threatening condition resulting from opioid overuse and subsequent opioid dependence.

Typically, when we think of withdrawal, we associate it with prescription medication, street drugs and overabundance of alcohol. We think of scary things like shakes, hallucinations, sweating, vomiting, severe anxiety and much more. Those are NOT symptoms one should typically experience from responsible, quality kratom use. Operative words being responsible (use) and quality (kratom). When there are NO underlying, preexistent medical conditions, responsible kratom use of a high quality unadulterated kratom product, should typically NOT lead to serious withdrawal symptoms.

Those of us who have googled “kratom” know about the plethora of hideous information you are bombarded with. (Pssst...most of these posts have ulterior motives, are pushing an ulterior agenda, and quite frankly, have no clue what they are talking about.) A lot of false and misleading information is simply copy/pasted and regurgitated on different platforms. Here is the simple truth (we will discuss a bit deeper further down), will regular kratom use lead to withdrawal? Yes. But this withdrawal most times will be no worse than withdrawal from caffeine, tobacco or sugar and will take your body back to the pre-existing condition it was in before the kratom use began. The caveat: you are using your kratom responsibly, getting it from a trusted vendor (best kratom online – ETHA), not mixing it with other dangerous substances, and do not have serious pre-existing medical/mental conditions. There, internet! Was that so hard to admit?! Let’s do a deeper dive below. 

Kratom is Different from Opioids 

Part of what makes prescription medication (like opioids) and alcohol so dangerous is the potential for abuse and addiction. Part of what makes street drugs so dangerous is the potential for abuse, addiction and 9 out of 10 times you have no clue what you are actually buying. And finally, what makes all three so dangerous is the extreme physical and mental dependence that results from the use and overuse of these substances. This means that your body and mind literally crave the substance as if for survival and when they do not get the substance, dangerous, painful and unbearable withdrawal symptoms take over. The symptoms are so unbearable that you will do harm to yourself and others just to get more of that substance 

Kratom is NOT like opioids. Kratom is not like alcohol. Finally, unadulterated quality kratom is not like street drugs. Kratom, when purchased from a reputable source, in raw, unadulterated state, and when used responsibly, will not force you to self-harm or cause harm to others. 

Millions of people across the world for hundreds of years have safely benefited and continue to safely benefit from regular kratom use. The question still remains, “is kratom addictive?” And if so how addictive and will it cause unbearable withdrawal symptoms?

Dr. Scott E. Hemby, Professor and Chair of the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy at High Point University response “To answer the question if kratom is addictive, we look at its origin. Kratom is different in its origin, chemistry and biological effects. Kratom does not show toxicity and does not cause respiratory depression issues. When you use kratom in the common, raw, natural plant form, it does not produce hyper pleasurable euphoric effects that lead to abuse and addiction.” 

 There you have it...the truth vs fiction behind kratom and withdrawal.

Can Kratom Help with Withdrawal (from other substances) 

As mentioned above, when you take pain medication, alcohol or other addictive substances your body may and most likely will develop dependence on them. If you become dependent, you may experience unpleasant physical signs and symptoms (sweating, trembling and cravings, etc.) when you stop taking these substances. This process is called withdrawal. From highly unpleasant to unbearable, this withdrawal may last for several days to weeks. Kratom is one possible solution that has been touted by many for helping ease withdrawal symptoms. People take kratom to ease withdrawal because kratom evokes feelings of euphoria and may be obtained without a prescription where not banned. Additionally, a common unpleasant symptom of withdrawal is bodily aches and pains and as we have discussed  before, certain alkaloids in kratom support pain relief. Finally, kratom may ease feelings of unease and anxiety, which both are very common to withdrawal. 


Please note that kratom will not cure, fix, or solve all your problems. Kratom is just ONE potential option. Any vendor that promises you a "cure" is a huge red flag. Underlying problems that led to your addiction, abuse, dependance and subsequent withdrawal must be recognized and dealt with using a well-rounded regimen. However, there are some individuals that swear that kratom helped them to ease withdrawal symptoms. Note: "ease withdrawal symptoms" not fix or completely take away. Kratom’s most popular alkaloid, Mitragynine is a vasodilator that can help blood and oxygen circulate better throughout the body. This leads to a feeling of clean natural energy boost without jitters and crash. This natural rush of energy only increases the more you move, which may aid in relief of muscle spasms and cramps. These combined positive effects may even create subsequent natural mood enhancement. Other alkaloids in kratom mirror the effects of muscle relaxers that can help mitigate some of the unfortunate physical aches and pains withdrawal can bring on. As always, do your research and only buy kratom from a trusted kratom source. Please also always consult you medical professional for help with abuse, dependency or any health-related questions.

Kratom is just one possible tool NOT a cure.



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