Best Kratom AddOn: Tongkat Ali and Hormonal Balance

Best Kratom AddOn: Tongkat Ali and Hormonal Balance

Our hormones control almost everything our body does, so a healthy hormonal balance will promote well-being and enrich your life. Our hormones control most of our physiological and psychological functions, and therefore, a hormonal imbalance can compromise our very ability to live a healthy and balanced life. Moreover, a healthy hormonal balance also promotes brain function. As such, consuming foods rich in antioxidants and omega 3’s will both support hormones and boost brain function.† Much like a healthy, sensible diet, a good night’s sleep with best kratom for sleep from ETHA and regular exercise promote hormone health and overall well-being. And now, we have ETHA Revitalize, the best kratom addon and our newest product, for hormonal balance with all-natural Tongkat Ali.



Eurycoma Longfolia (tongkat ali)

ETHA thrives on endless exploration of new knowledge and advocates for natural medicine to receive the credibility it deserves. As a result, our diligent pursuit now yields our newest product, ETHA Revitalize Premium Tongkat Ali. Our Revitalize products are made from the root of the Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) plant that is indigenous to Southeast Asia. Also known as Longjack, Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries to combat the symptoms of low testosterone.  Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement that can help support natural testosterone and estrogen levels and improve libido.† Moreover, it may support blood pressure, help reduce anxiety/stress, and boost overall mood.† 

ETHA Premium Quality

Like all our best kratom products, we source Tongkat Ali directly from its native region in Indonesia. Thereafter, we lab test to identify the root and the active ingredients, grind, pasteurize, and finally press into our unique 100% all-natural pressed tablets. Much like our best kratom tabletsTongkat Ali pressed tablets are superior in quality:

  • Free of additives, fillers, and contaminants
  • Third-party lab tested with published results available for every batch
  • Consistent in weight for reliability and unique individual needs
  • Pasteurized to help eliminate potential harmful biologics like salmonella.


ETHA Revitalize: Hormonal Balance & Best Kratom AddOn

With age, hormones don’t function like they used to: male testosterone levels decrease and female estrogen levels drop. Furthermore, the stresses of everyday life and poor eating habits increase cortisol levels and bring unwanted and unhealthy weight gain. However, ETHA Revitalize is here to support hormonal balance, reverse the hands of time and revitalize your overall well-being. ETHA Like the many benefits of kratom, Revitalize is one amazing product with many potential benefits:

  • NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER – Supports Normal Testosterone Levels, Libido, as well as, Fertility for both Men and Women.†
  • BOOST EXERCISE ENDURANCE – Supports Energy Generation, Muscle Strength, Exercise Endurance, and Lean Muscle Growth, and Bone Density.†
  • MANY OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS – Supports Hormone Balance (Testosterone and Cortisol), may help support Blood Pressure.†


Add ETHA Tongkat Ali to your consistent wellness routine and Revitalize your Well-Being!