Best Kratom and Social Media: ETHA on Everything Kratom Podcast: 3-Part Series

Best Kratom and Social Media: ETHA on Everything Kratom Podcast: 3-Part Series

ETHA Collaboration

ETHA is excited to yet again announce our collaboration with the Everything Kratom” Podcast. This time, a three-part common question series. Listen to the podcast to catch ETHA co-founders, Victor and Alexander, as they talk about kratom and answer common questions about this important, powerful and controversial botanical. 

Everything Kratom Podcast


Everything Kratom Podcast is about exactly what it sounds like: anything and everything…Kratom 

This podcast was started because Jaime the host “wanted to learn more about the plant that has become important to so many people around the world, including himself, for a multitude of reasons.” 

Please tune in and join this journey of “learning more about anything and everything kratom”. Please follow the show and please make sure to SUPPORT the show too! 

This dedication to knowledge and exploration, and of course learning about our favorite plant, makes the Everything Kratom Podcast an ideal partner for ETHA and a perfect place to host Victor and Alexander who have used their personal journeys with chronic pain to guide them to create the most trusted natural medicines. 

Common Questions about Kratom

Check out ETHA in a three-part episode series. ETHA Founders, Victor and Alexander, address some of the most common questions and misconceptions about kratom. With so much information out there, sometimes it is hard to know what is true. But finally, you have two experts in the field of kratom and kratom users themselves as well, who will set the record straight. 

Please let Jamie and Everything Kratom Podcast know if you have a question about kratom you want ETHA’s co-founders to address. And please support the podcast and continue to check out ETHA’s co-founders on the show.

Listen and LIVE FULLY!

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