The Best Kratom Strain: Kratom Colors & Names Explained

The Best Kratom Strain: Kratom Colors & Names Explained

Kratom and Alkaloids

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and has 40+ naturally occurring bio-active alkaloids. Each kratom harvest has natural variations in alkaloids due to various factors. These factors include: when kratom was harvested, where the kratom was grown, how the kratom propagated, and how was it harvested.  ETHA Labs analyzes the predominate alkaloids in every harvest ETHA grows and receives into its facility. We then use this data to create ETHA proprietary formula kratom blends and all our unique ETHA kratom products. This stringent testing and formulaic application is how we manufacture the most consistent kratom products on the market. 

What Do Kratom Names Mean?

The short answer...Not a Whole Lot! The reason companies call their kratom all kinds of different names is purely marketing. The farmers in Indonesia pick any and all kratom they have access to and call their kratom by different names to entice USA importers to buy. The importers think they are getting different kratom strains, but they are not. Harvesters use catchy names like "Horned Kratom", "Bali Red", "Super Green Malay", and "Maeng Da" to encourage and ensure that their particular harvest is sold. Farmers put names on the kratom they pick that they think will sell the most. Those with the catchiest/blingiest name or the "it name" of the moment are sure to sell and so those are the names farmers will give their harvests. Therefore, there is no truth or consistency to most kratom names.   

Let's Do a Deeper Dive to Illustrate

Malaysia is one of the major countries people think of when they are asked for their kratom's origin. After all, you can find many catchy, popular types of kratom riding off this name as "Malay strains". Like the very popular "Super Green Malay". is the truth, technically speaking, it is actually illegal to use kratom in Malaysia. Due to the way the laws are set up, kratom leaves can currently be exported from Malaysia as long as they are unprocessed. Meaning, kratom leaves cannot be changed from their natural state and must simply be harvested and exported. Moreover, there can be Zero domestic sales because kratom is illegal for personal use in Malaysia. So, when you see any kratom product that references "Malay" or "Malaysia", it is purely made up and gives you no indication of your kratom's origin or content. 

This is not how we are at ETHA. Transparency is one of our cornerstones and as such, we do not base any of our products on the made up names out of Malaysia. This is a confusing and not truthful way to identify kratom.   

ETHA Kratom: Best Kratom Online

ETHA kratom is the best kratom. ETHA does things that no other company will to ensure quality, consistency and safety. We harvest from several different forests and grow our own kratom.  We lab-test and measure the alkaloids in EVERY single harvest. We use these results to determine which harvest goes into which ETHA blend. Stringent non-deviation from this operation ensures that all our premium kratom is always consistently the same. 


But What about Kratom Colors?

We do carry white, green, yellow, and red pure veins. The harvesters we work with sort by vein color and we turn these directly into products without any blending. We still lab tests for alkaloid content, heavy metals, adulterants, etc. but we do not blend any of the harvests for our pure veins. This means there will be less consistency with our pure veins, but that is why they are cheaper.   


Our premium kratom goes through the extra step of mixing, combining the alkaloid lab test results and our unique proprietary ETHA formulas. 

No overly fancy made up names, no confusing references, just superior quality, consistent kratom. ETHA kratom is the best kratom. 



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