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Best Kratom Manufacturer Advocates for Kratom: San Diego Kratom Hearing

Best Kratom Manufacturer Advocates for Kratom: San Diego Kratom Hearing

Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee Meeting: Legalize Sale of Kratom in City of San Diego

On November 15th, 2023 the city of San Diego held a hearing, where amongst other issues they heard public commentary and personal testimonials to legalize sale and purchase of kratom within the City of San Diego.

San Diego City is one of only TWO cities in the State of California, which has a ban on Kratom.  This ban was implemented under an emergency “Synthetic Analog Act", when synthetic marijuana, spice, and bath salts were causing substantial harm in our community.  Unfortunately, due to confusion and the lack of a public hearing, kratom was added to this list of Synthetic chemicals, even though kratom is a natural food that is regulated under GMP guidelines set by the FDA, and consumed for non-recreational reasons

ETHA's very own co-owner Alexander Karp was a speaker advocate. 

Alexander's major advocacy points include:

  • Most ETHA customers, including many veterans in San Diego County, use Kratom to manage health & wellbeing, especially for chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.
  • A growing number of people use kratom to manage opioid withdrawal and to reduce or eliminate opioid dependance.
  • Kratom allows many people to feel more social and engage with friends and family.
  • As such, kratom contributes to people becoming productive members of the community.
  • The current San Diego City ban forces many San Diego citizens to drive to El Cajon, Escondido, and Vista to purchase their life-saving kratom.
  • Responsible Kratom Manufacturers, like ETHA focus on research and development and follow GMP practices to produce a clean, quality product that helps improve the life and well-being of their customers.

ETHA best kratom continues to grow. Our full-service Research & Development Lab has gone one step further to partner with Oregon State University, to expand and improve its research and testing capabilities. Our manufacturing and warehousing facilities remain at above Good Manufacturing Practices in their everyday activities.


San Diego City's legalization of the sale of kratom and alignment with 99% of other cities in Southern California will allow ETHA to expand into the City of San Diego. This move will allow us to positively affect the lives of even more individuals.

Our motto is LIVE FULLY and that is what ETHA hopes to bring to the City of San Diego residents. Thank you to Alexander for his time and efforts at the hearing.


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