Best Kratom Supplier: ETHA Kratom for Kratom Vendor Partners

Best Kratom Supplier: ETHA Kratom for Kratom Vendor Partners

ETHA=Premier Kratom Supplier

Why ETHA? Simple. ETHA is the best kratom supplier and best kratom product manufacturer in the industry. ETHA does things differently and BETTER. We do not gamble, cross our fingers and hope we get "some good kratom" from Indonesia. We have cultivated long-term, well-developed, and deeply rooted trusting relationships with our Indonesian farmers, whom, by the way we have actually met in person. But we don’t stop there.

We grow our very own kratom in our USA-based greenhouse, which means we control the kratom quality from inception. When you want things done do it yourself. And we do! We implement a “hands on” approach to every area of kratom product manufacturing. We have our very own Research and Development team and ETHA Lab facility. All kratom that enters the warehouse, whether our own or from our trusted partners, is lab-tested by our Labs and through our 3rd-party, independent lab partners which include the very best private labs in the industry and university labs. All aspects of production are completed on-site at our Above Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) USA facility. We own every step of the process to bring the very best products directly to you. This is how ETHA brings you the very best kratom products in the industry.  

We are so good at what we do, we share the wealth with our select top-of the line kratom vendor partners. If you want to resell our premier kratom products, we can arrange that, or take a pre-existing ETHA product and put your label on it, we can help. Not only that, but through our amazing R&D team we can create a brand-new product for you or help you get a brand-new label off the ground. Below we share with you a few of our trusted vendor partners and the services we offer. 

Best Kratom Powder: Happy Hippo Buys from ETHA 

Ever heard of Happy Hippo? Of course you have! They’re the guys with the adorable hot pink hippo. These guys know good kratom and they know quality. And guess who they chose to be one of their trusted Bulk Kratom Powder providers...yep ETHA! We have been partnered with Happy Hippo for almost a year now and we cannot be prouder to call Happy Hippo an ETHA Trusted Partner. Here is a kratom company that really cares about its customers and the quality of the kratom it offers. When you buy from Happy Hippo you are getting the best of all worlds, great product, great customer service and great results. Now when you buy Happy Hippo you can also think of ETHA and that makes us really proud!



New Product Manufacture

Mind Bullet is the brainchild of brothers Mark Bell and Chris Bell, who are power lifters and fitness influencers. Chris is also known for his documentaries like Bigger, Stronger, Faster as well as the kratom documentary called A Leaf of Faith. For Mind Bullet, ETHA manufactured a brand new product. They really liked our ReFresh brewed kratom, but wanted it targeted towards their clientele of athletes and power lifters by adding a couple of different ingredients. We developed and created a brewed Kratom tea w MCT and Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is used to improve cognitive abilities aka brain health and also used to improve athletic performance. The drink we created for Mind Bullet will be loved by athletes and power lifters everywhere. ETHA's very own co-Founder Victor tried it a couple of times and it really gets him "buzzing and pumped". He says: "I want to hit the gym after taking a bottle of this!"


Existing Product Rebranding

Most commonly called Private Label or sometimes White Label, ETHA’s product rebranding program allows a company to put its branding and logo on an established ETHA product and present it as their own. The company reaps the benefits of highest quality kratom from ETHA and adds to its current inventory without adding time, resources, manpower and money developing such products on its own. Additionally, by offering ETHA rebranded products customers stay with the same company since they do not need to search or go elsewhere for such additional products. Through ETHA private label you receive all the benefits of ETHA superior quality from a vendor your customers trust...YOU. We have been lucky to pair up with some trusted ETHA partners who have chosen to add our existing products, namely our pressed kratom tablets, to their existing product line. A couple of names you may recognize include, Super Speciosa, Kava Culture and Nectar Labs. We are proud and honored that these companies have chosen ETHA as their go to brand and are proud to call them our Partners.



New Brand and New Product Line Development 

Ever heard of a guy by the name of Danny Way? He is a legendary skateboarder who many consider to be the very best of all time! He’s done crazy things like jump the Great Wall of China and jump out of a helicopter onto a skate ramp. Danny has countless operations for the many injuries he’s sustained in his career. Danny manages pain with kratom and supports focus and energy with kratom. Numerous companies eagerly vie to get Danny to work with them, but he chose ETHA to make his kratom brand. Why? Because he wanted a company that can do it all. ETHA makes its own products, grows its own kratom, understands science, performs research and development and extensively lab tests everything. We cannot give away more details of the new company, but we can tell you to stand by for a potential launch of Danny Way’s new kratom company later this year. It will be out of this world!!!

danny way kratom etha

Legendary Skateboarder, Danny Way, and his brand E115 Botanicals

So there you have it! If you can dream it, we most likely can make it come true when it comes to most medicinal botanicals, kratom and kratom products. Whether you want highest quality powder or kratom tablets in bulk supply, or you have a brand new product idea, give us a shout and see what we can do together. Reach out to us via social or email is directly at





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