Better Mood with ETHA Kratom 

While kratom users predominantly use kratom for relief from occasional discomfort, kratom’s benefits do not stop there. Various kratom alkaloids are actively researched for their ability to affect and improve mood.†

Unfortunately, life is full of stress, and often stress and poor mood affect people physically and mentally. Kratom’s overwhelming effects on non-physical distress and elevated mood cannot be overlooked. Non-physical distress can present itself in several different forms including anxiety, stress, inability to focus, low mood and even depression. The kratom community continues to express and affirm how kratom may not only improve their physical symptoms but enhance their overall mood and enjoyment of life. Bio-active alkaloids naturally occurring in kratom may lessen restlessness and anxious feelings and, thereby, may help manage stress and focus naturally.  ETHA is excited to bring you its ETHA Mood Boost Collection, ETHA premium products specially formulated and manufactured with these kratom alkaloids for mood. 


Cinna-Mints: Powered by ETHA Kratom & Kava Extracts 

Introducing the first product in the NEW ETHA Mood Boost Collection, ETHA brings Kava Kratom Cinna-Mints, featuring the highest quality blend of Kava and Kratom Extracts. ETHA's cinnamon and mint-flavored mints are specially designed to dissolve under your tongue, combining the invigorating essence of cinnamon with the cool freshness of mint. Each mint is precisely formulated with 30mg of kavalactones, and 20mg of mitragynine, pressed into a 500mg mint tablet. Experience support from occasional pain, enhancement in natural energy, and a natural uplift in overall mood. More importantly, Cinna-Mints offer an alternative to alcohol consumption, delivering the relaxation and sociability you seek without the undesirable aftermath of a hangover. 



Kratom Mints: Powered by ETHA Kratom Extracts 

Second in this collection are our delicious, peppermint flavored kratom mints powered by ETHA kratom extracts. This is an under-the-tongue dissolving mint with 57 mg of the best kratom extract. This product is not only refreshing and delicious, but specially formulated with kratom alkaloids studied for their ability to alleviate occasional pain, improve overall focus and increase natural energy and mood. † And for those weary of the bitter kratom taste, all you taste is the delicious cooling mint flavor with no kratom bitter taste!! Each packet contains two (2) - 500 milligram mints with 40 mg of mitragynine each. 



Maeng Da Premium Kratom 

Additionally, found in this collection is our MaengDa Premium Kratom blend. Maeng Da kratom is perhaps one of the most popular varieties of kratom on the market. Maeng Da is a slang term originating in Thailand that means “pimp”. When talking about kratom, it is used to denote “pimp grade”. Or simply put, high in quality and in potency. In other words, Maeng Da refers to a variety of kratom that can have a high alkaloid concentration. 



At ETHA, we use the term Maeng Da to describe our recipe that has high levels of vasodilator alkaloids and low muscle relaxer alkaloids. In other words, it is our high energy and mood recipe that gets the distinction of being called ETHA Maeng Da. 


Revitalize: TongKat Ali

Our non-kratom product in this collection is ETHA Revitalize, the best kratom addon and our newest product, for hormonal balance, overall wellness and enhanced mood with all-natural Tongkat Ali. Our hormones control almost everything our body does, so a healthy hormonal balance will promote well-being and enrich your life. Moreover, a healthy hormonal balance also promotes brain function. As such, consuming foods rich in antioxidants and omega 3’s will both support hormones and boost brain function.† A healthy, sensible diet, a good night’s sleep with best kratom for sleep from ETHA, regular exercise, and ETHA's Revitalize can work in unison to promote hormone health, overall well-being and better mood.  



Kratom Extract Hazelnut Creamer & Liquid Kratom Extract Shot 

Our two final products in our Mood Collection are two varieties of liquid kratom extract products. The first is a Kratom Extract Hazelnut Creamer. Full spectrum kratom extract is paired with MCT oil and Hazelnut flavor. This concentrated, easy-to-take, super product is specially formulated with alkaloids that have been shown to support occasional discomfort and promote natural energy levels, focus, and stress response. This creamer naturally boosts your energy levels but may also lead to a naturally enhanced mood and overall holistic health. 



ETHA's Liquid Kratom Extract Shots are a convenient 15 ml, 3 Servings way to get your dose of concentrated mitragynine alkaloid extracts. This concentrated, easy-to-take, super product is specially formulated with alkaloids that have been shown to support occasional discomfort, promote natural energy levels, focus, and response to stress. Feel better, stress less and enhance mood naturally.


At ETHA we keep things simple, pure and of the highest quality. When you choose ETHA, you choose the very best. Therefore, you will never find unnecessary fillers, weird chemicals or massive amounts of artificial sweeteners. We only use the highest quality extracts and other medicinal botanicals. When we made this product, our focus was simple: offer quality and offer a product that works. Try the new ETHA Mood Collection and feel better, think better and LIVE FULLY .




PLEASE NOTE: ETHA Blogs provide information and personal experiences. Every single individual is different and as such everyone responds to experiences differently.  When we answer questions, we speak in generalities, personal experiences and the experiences of our customers. It's always important to consult a healthcare professional before making any changes to your fitness and wellness routine.

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