ETHA's Red Kratom Tea Bags - 16 Count

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Red Kratom Tea Bags promote relaxation and a healthy response to stress.†

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ETHA Red Kratom Tea Bags

16 Tea Bags Per Pouch

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ETHA Red Kratom Tea Bags are filled with whole-leaf red kratom from Lhoksukon forest. Lhoksukon is in the northernmost region of Sumatra in the Aceh province. It enjoys a tropical rainforest climate. Lhoksukon rests next to the mountains and the coast where rice, coffee, and cattle are raised.

The climate produces red kratom leaves that have a smooth, earthy flavor with a soothing finish. Enjoy the calm and relaxation of ETHA’s Single Origin Lhoksukon Red Kratom Tea Bags.  

Red Kratom Tea Bags promote relaxation and a healthy response to stress.†  


Quantity = 16 tea bags each filled with 2.5 grams whole-leaf kratom

Ingredients = Sawit Seberang whole-leaf green kratom

Serving = 1 tea bag

Do not take more than 5 servings per 24 hours 



100% Whole-Leaf Botanicals

Lab Tested & Verified

Pasteurized for Safety

Filtered for Purity


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