Kratom Extract Shot

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ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Occasional Pain
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Energy Support
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Stress Response
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Inflammation Response
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Tension Release


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ETHA Natural Botanicals' Kratom Extract Shots are a convenient 15 ml, 3 Servings way to get your dose of concentrated Full Spectrum alkaloid extracts. This concentrated, easy-to-take, super food product supports occasional discomfort and promotes natural energy levels, focus, and response to stress.   


Each bottle is 15 ml

Contains 124.5 mg of mitragynine extract per bottle

Other ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Reverse Osmosis Water, Citric Acid

Serving = 5 ml. Do not take more than 3 servings per 24 hours.  


100% Whole-Leaf Botanicals
Lab Tested & Verified
Pasteurized for Safety
Filtered for Purity

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ETHA® ensures proper sourcing and testing of all our products. We validate all products through our in-house ETHA labs as well as 3rd-party, independent labs. Through our extensive lab testing, we can guarantee botanical purity, origin, process and production of the highest standards, so you can have the peace of mind you need. 
In our quest to empower people to take control of their lives, we want you to try ETHA products risk-free.  That is why we have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  You can test out ETHA products and see if they work for you.  If they do not, we will refund your money.