Sociability for Better Mental Health and Lower Risk of Dementia

Some common synonyms of sociable are cordial, genial, and gracious. Sociable describes someone who is pleasant and comfortably easy in social interactions, and it suggests a genuine liking for the companionship of others. Being sociable may better your mental health and lower your risk of dementia. It can lighten your mood and make you feel happier. Social interaction is good for your brain health. Lastly, it promotes a sense of safety, belonging and security.

Now, while all that is well and good, being sociable is not always easy. The struggles of everyday life like kids, work, traffic, loud neighbors, in-laws...etc. may get in the way. ETHA knows this. We at ETHA are human too! We know that while there are many characteristics and traits we want to have and want to be, sometimes, you just need a little help to get there. ETHA is thrilled to bring you this helping hand with our new ETHA "Sociability Enhance" Collection

The products described below have all been tried and tested by our ETHA team and the results are in. It's that bump of energy and happiness at the end of a tough day or maybe that extra courage to say hello to that special person you've been eyeing. The goal of our sociability products is to serve as a small helping hand from ETHA to help you stay connected and enjoy stable and supportive relationships. Our hope is that these products will help you cope with hard times, overcome stresses, conquer anxieties, and promote positive social behavior.

So, try them all out, be sociable and tell us what you think!


Cinna-Mints: Powered by ETHA Kratom & Kava Extracts 

The first product in the Sociability Enhance Collection is Kava Kratom Cinna-Mints, featuring the highest quality blend of Kava and Kratom Extracts. ETHA's cinnamon and mint-flavored mints are specially designed to dissolve under your tongue, combining the invigorating essence of cinnamon with the cool freshness of fresh mint. Each mint is precisely formulated with 30mg of kavalactones, and 28mg of kratom alkaloids (20mg mitragynine), pressed into a 500mg mint tablet. Experience enhancement in natural energy, sociability, and overall mood. More importantly, Cinna-Mints offer an alternative to alcohol consumption, delivering the relaxation and sociability you seek without the undesirable aftermath of a hangover.   



Kratom Mints: Powered by ETHA Kratom Extracts 

Second in this collection are our delicious, peppermint flavored mints powered by ETHA kratom extracts. This is an under-the-tongue dissolving mint with 57 mg of the best kratom extract. This product is not only refreshing and delicious, but specially formulated with kratom alkaloids studied for their ability to alleviate occasional pain, improve overall focus and increase natural energy and mood. † And for those weary of the bitter kratom taste, all you taste is the delicious cooling mint flavor with no kratom bitter taste at all! Each packet contains two 500 milligram mints with 40 mg of mitragynine each.   



Maeng Da Premium Kratom: Energy & Mood

Additionally, found in this collection is our MaengDa Premium Kratom blend. At ETHA, we use the term Maeng Da to describe our recipe that has high levels of vasodilator alkaloids and low muscle relaxer alkaloids. In other words, it is our high energy and mood recipe that gets the distinction of being called ETHA Maeng Da. 

Maeng Da™ Kratom - Mood & Energy - ETHA Natural Botanicals



DayBreak Premium Kratom: Super Energy & Mood

DayBreak Super Energy & Mood is made from 100% pure Matcha Green Tea and ETHA Maeng Da Kratom plus Caffeine. This combination may reduce appetite and that pesky stress eating, increase metabolism, promote fat burning, and improve physical activities. Instead of stress eating you'll shoot off for that extra session at the gym and maybe even make a new friend! Additionally, Kratom and Matcha can be a great addition to your routine (when used in moderation and from a trusted source like ETHA). Both plants can help to provide you with a boost in mood and energy. ETHA DayBreak may in fact, be a good replacement for your morning coffee, may give you a boost in energy and even may provide users with a positive mood. No more waiting in that extra long Starbucks line! This can be a great way to begin a productive day. With a productive beginning the day is yours to conquer and the world is yours to rule. Productive beginnings lead to better decision making and happier more successful and of course more sociable YOU.

DayBreak™ Kratom Blend - Super Energy & Focus - ETHA Natural Botanicals




Introducing ETHA's non-alcohol version of the Red Bull-Vodka Drink. Combine our delicious Cinna-Mints with DayBreakYou get the energy boost from the kratom and caffeine in DayBreak while the Cinna-Mints make you friendly and happy. Awesome combo! No yucky chemicals, Calorie FREE & Hangover FREE! Go ahead, Be Sociable and LIVE FULLY!


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