Etha at Comic-Con

Since the beginning, Etha™ has always been a big supporter of giving back to the local community.  One of the ways we do so is by providing employment opportunities for adults who normally wouldn’t be able to find a regular job. We work with the non-profit Partnership  With Industry to help developmentally disabled people gain the necessary skills and experience to find employment.  In fact, our team is made better with some differently-abled adults.  Meet some of our team members HERE.  

On top of our usual philanthropic activities, Etha™ believes in supporting local artist.  We recently attended Comic-Con in San Diego.  If you ever have a chance to attend a Comic-Con or Wonder-Con event, we recommend venturing away from all the collectibles and celebrities and meet the artist behind your favorite comics. Many of the artist will be creating their magic live for you to witness.  If you have the opportunity, commission an artist to create an art piece for you.  It can be one-of-a-kind and something you will treasure for a long time.  The best part is the funds you use will go directly to the artist.  A win-win situation for all. 

At this year's Comic-Con event in San Diego, Etha™ commissioned an artist to do a piece for the company.  We worked with the amazing Oscar Bazaldua, famed artist from Mexico who now illustrates for Marvel's Spiderman, Mr. and Mrs. X, and Rogue One.  Oscar did a super job with our piece.  

The inspiration for the piece was the saying "Make Peace, Not War."  We wanted Spiderman to extend an olive branch to one of his oldest villians, Green Goblin, by offering him some all-natural Etha™ kratom tablets.  Green Goblin definitely has to deal with significant pain riding that glider all around and battling Spiderman.  No one would argue that he may also have some mood disorder issues.  A little Etha™ botanical tablets may be more helpful than a face full of webbing.  

We hope you all enjoy the piece by Oscar Bazaldua.  Support your local artist.

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