(May 28, 2019 – Reno, Nevada)

Susan Ash Partners with ETHA Natural Botanicals for Endless Kratom Blend
Susan Ash selects emerging industry leader with model consumer protection practices as partner to design a Kratom product line that helps improve quality of life

Today ETHA™ Natural Botanicals formally announces its selection by Kratom Advocacy Icon Susan Ash as the preferred supplier and manufacturer of a new blend bearing her name. Ms. Ash, Founder and former Director of the American Kratom Association, has been a staunch consumer and industry advocate since 2013, instrumental in the fight to prevent the “totally unfounded attempt at making the leaves from a tree in the coffee family a controlled substance.” She has worked with volunteers, businesses, reporters, scientists, researchers, medical professionals, etc. as well as members of Congress, lobbying at both the state and federal levels to protect access to Kratom.

In developing Endless by Susan Ash, the advocate endeavored to select a manufacturing partner that could demonstrate the strongest self-regulated business practices, bridging operational integrity with a phrase borrowed from a mentor that is now her life philosophy; ‘Endless Pressure. Endlessly Applied.’ This approach is critical to maintaining access to this natural botanical she attributes to saving her life, while leveraging her strong name recognition.

According to the Botanical Education Alliance, in 2016, total combined revenues from 157 U.S. based businesses that sell Kratom exceeded $1.3 billion. As a self-regulated, high growth industry, many acknowledged the hurdles that operating in a non-regulated consumer industry creates. Through ETHA Natural Botanicals’ control across the supply chain, from sourcing to consumer safety, it is one of few manufacturers granted the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal from the American Kratom Association (AKA). AKA manages the Standards Program and process, as verified by a third-party auditor.

“The GMP seal is a strong recognition of our history of safe practices and product excellence which is further attributed to our four operational pillars of Transparency, Reliability, Consistency and Effectiveness” said Victor Chung, co-founder of ETHA Natural Botanicals.

ETHA sources Kratom from several different forests throughout Indonesia. Once in the U.S., they conduct lab tests for alkaloid content, adulterants, and heavy metals and then segregate the tested raw material into three groups, reserving the highest quality for premium blends. This means premium brands like Endless by Susan Ash have the highest alkaloid content, lowest lead levels, and no adulterants or contaminants. The last step, pasteurization, further ensures all products are free of any harmful bacteria like salmonella or E. Coli. 

“Very excited about the partnership with ETHA Natural Botanicals and future prospects for both ETHA and Endless, I respect their above par discipline to ensure consumer confidence knowing Endless is processed to the highest standards of enhanced guidelines,” Ash said, adding, “In offering private access of Endless to long-term supporters and friends, I was very pleased to hear experiences consistent with those who participated in blind testings.” Both groups report the combination of mostly green and small fraction of red to be the perfect combination for their needs. “I believe we’ve delivered on a product to help acquire and maintain energy, produce an overall sense of well-being and happiness, and enable people to live their own lives’ philosophies,” she concluded.

The Endless blend is now available for consumer purchase online.

Consumers have the option of using the blend as a powder or tablet and the cost ranges from $10.00 - $276.00.




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