Best Kratom Drink - ReFresh Brewed Kratom

Best Kratom Drink - ReFresh Brewed Kratom

Best Brewed Kratom Drink

Although still new to many in western society, kratom has been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia.  
Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) native to Southeast Asia.  As a large evergreen tree, kratom can grow upwards of 80 feet tall while producing lustrous leaves and budding flowers. The veins of the leaves are distinct and vary in color from a light yellow to deep green and brownish red. People across Southeast Asia continue to use these leaves for various purposes.
Kratom is incredibly popular throughout countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Kratom was traditionally used to support pain and energy by those doing strenuous labor. Kratom was used as a local anesthetic to help with coughs and with intestinal issues. People would chew on kratom leaves and spit out the leaf after a few moments.  Another popular way to enjoy kratom would be to brew some leaves in hot water to make a kind of kratom herbal tea. This is particularly popular in the morning before work and in the evening during a meal with friends and family. 

Function & Flavor in One Bottle

Unfortunately, these days in modern society it is all rush-rush. We have a million places to be and things to do. Most days a sit-down breakfast, or even breakfast at all, is not a reality. As nice as it would be to sit down in the morning and enjoy a warm or cool cup of coffee or tea, it’s simply not possible. Yet, we tout the importance of good nutrition, not skipping meals and most of all, good hydration. ETHA Natural Botanicals has a possible solution. Introducing ReFreshETHA Brewed Kratom in a Bottle. A functional beverage to naturally boost energy and mood, plus all the hearty earthy flavor of ETHA's high-quality kratom. "The smoothest and tastiest way to refresh and improve your day." You know you are drinking something good AND something good for you! 
Though second in popularity to coffee, nevertheless, there’s no denying that tea is a popular and well-loved beverage. And of course, it’s not surprising given the slew of benefits teas offer like energy, hydration and stress relief. Therefore, in accordance with today’s busy lifestyle, we decided to simplify the process. No need to chew on kratom leaves, soak and brew your own kratom, or even boil water and wait for our pre-packaged kratom herbal tea bags to brew. Reach for a bottle of ReFresh, twist the top off and enjoy brewed whole-leaf kratom, lightly sweetened with all natural ingredients. You can be on the go and feeling refreshed!

Why ETHA Brewed Kratom?

There is no denying that there are plenty of kratom shots and drinks in the market today. So why ETHA’s ReFresh Brewed Kratom? The simple answer is Quality.
Our tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the crucial characteristics that clearly sets ETHA apart, as we continue to go beyond to be the best kratom product manufacturer. As a result of our Research and Development team’s in-depth lab testing and substantial research, ETHA customers derive a significant benefit as they reap the benefits of quality, cutting edge, and safe leading products
When you choose ETHA, you choose the very best. Therefore, you will never find fillers, weird chemicals or massive amounts of artificial sweeteners in our brewed tea. We only use the freshest whole leavespowder lemonnatural flavors and preservatives, combined with our proprietary steeping technique. When we made this product, our focus was simple: offer a functional beverage that is pleasant to drink but remains true to its core ingredient. Enjoy this drink the same way as you would regular green tea or your other favorite tea beverage. 
Enjoy the convenience of this easy to transport, easy to open, and easy to consume (in one sitting!) bottle. No need to worry about consuming too much or not having enough. Safely consume the entire thirst-quenching bottle. You can even spruce it up with honey, lavender or a slice of lemon. Additionally, this product is shelf stable, so no need to worry about refrigeration. And finally, you can even use this brewed kratom drink as a chaser for your daily ETHA kratom pressed tablets or full spectrum extract shot 
At ETHA we keep things simple, pure and of the highest quality. Yes, you will taste the “earthy” taste of kratom, but that IS the point. No weird chemicals, no artificial sugars, or hard to pronounce ingredients. Highest quality whole kratom leaves brewed to perfection and ready to consume anywhere and anytime.
ReFresh Your Energy
ReFresh Your Mood
ReFresh Your Day



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