Mother's Day with ETHA and Kratom

Mother's Day with ETHA and Kratom

Mother's Day with ETHA and Kratom

This Mother’s Day forget traditional, predictable and boring gifts. Instead, celebrate Mother’s Day with ETHA and make this holiday all about the women who tirelessly take care of us. Whether you’re celebrating mom for many years, or this is her first Mother’s Day, the best gifts are the gifts that keep on giving, by bringing long-term health and well-being. So, celebrate the special woman in your life this year by giving her the gift of all around wellness with ETHA. Whether she struggles with stress, needs help relaxing, or maybe she needs that occasional boost of clean natural energy, we have you covered with our unique all-natural ETHA kratom products. It’s all here, so spend less time searching for the perfect gift and more time celebrating.


Pain Support and Energy

The kratom plant has over 40 naturally-occurring bioactive alkaloids, of which perhaps the most well-known is mitragynine. While traditionally, day laborers in Southeast Asian countries chewed on kratom leaves to help with pain and energy, today ETHA simplifies the process with our easy to take unique ETHA kratom pressed tablets. If the mother in your life constantly overworks herself and could use support for her occasional pain or a natural boost of energy levels, share our SunRise and Maeng Da premium kratom blends with her. SunRise blend works to naturally provide support from occasional discomfort, while Maeng Da naturally boosts energy and mood. 


Rest and Relaxation 

Mitragynine is the kratom alkaloid most prevalent and known, but other alkaloids in kratom are equally note-worthy and may support the natural response to stress and muscle tension.† Additionally, kratom alkaloids may support response to inflammation, relieve muscle tightness from overuse, and promote relaxation.† After taking care of all of us all day, help your mothers relax, unwind and decompress by introducing them to ETHA's SunSetNightFall and MidNight Dream premium kratom products. Then sit back and watch them revel in their newfound bliss and relaxation for days and evenings to come.


Balance and Focus

Whether its notorious lists, carpool, work projects, or planning the evening family meal, the stresses of everyday life can overwhelm and create imbalance for even the toughest of moms. As a result, any such imbalance can compromise their very ability to live a full and healthy life and enjoy the important family moments.

Nevertheless, you can offer her a possible solution to slow down, find balance and focus on the sweeter moments. Don't let a hefty to do list derail her focus and productivity. Share with her our MidDay Gold premium kratom products as a way to help her increase her focus naturally.† We formulate this blend to encourage concentration and support a productive workday.† Help her tackle those projects so she's free to celebrate, enjoy and LIVE FULLY!


Non-Stop Energy All Day 

Finally, for those moms who seek that extra unstoppable energy, share with them our DayBreak premium kratom products. What is better than one good thing? Two or three great things working together for something even better. All day super energy, no crash and natural mood support as well. Kratom and Matcha can be a great addition to your routine as both plants can help to provide you with a boost to your mood and energy naturally †.  DayBreak products are made from 100% pure Matcha Green Tea, Caffeine, and the very best ETHA Green Vein Kratom. This combination may naturally increase energy, improve physical activities, uplift mood, and increase focus. † DayBreak for energy all day, and for a healthier and happier mom!  


Our Mothers give and sacrifice so much each and every day of the year. On this Mother's Day, let's finally give back with the gifts that keep on giving all-around wellness and health.  

Celebrate Her. Celebrate with Her, and most of all LIVE FULLY! 


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S2E14 Mom's Favorite Kratom

ETHA Co-Founder, Victor Chung, and Head of Customer Service, Amanda Ortiz, give a shoutout to their mothers and discuss how their mothers use ETHA kratom in everyday life. Amanda’s mother successfully replaced antidepressants with ETHA’s MidDay Gold. She did not like how the antidepressants made her feel and now enjoys how kratom helps her live her life fully. Victor recounts his mother’s very first experience with ETHA MidNight Dream and how she was one of the very first guineapigs to try ETHA kratom. We love our mothers and celebrate them each and every day. At the end of the day, our mothers will stand by us and support us in everything we do. We are extremely grateful for their continued support. Happy Mother's Day! 



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