Best Kratom: Clean Quality Kratom with Heat Pasteurization

Best Kratom: Clean Quality Kratom with Heat Pasteurization

What is Heat Pasteurization? 

Heat Pasteurization is a process of heat processing a liquid or a food to kill pathogenic bacteria to make the food safe to consume. It involves heating the food to kill most harmful microorganisms. Additionally, the treatment also destroys most of the microorganisms that cause spoilage and therefore prolongs the shelf life of food. The process attributes its name to Louis Pasteur who successfully completed the first such process (along with a colleague) in the 1860s. There are two kinds of pasteurization: High Temperature Short Time (HTST, or simply “pasteurized”) and Ultra-High Temperature (UHT, or ultra-pasteurized). 

Pasteurization is important because the bacteria naturally found in some foods can make you very sick. When you consume unpasteurized foods, this can lead to fever, vomiting, and in some cases, it can lead to conditions like kidney failure, miscarriage and even death. 

Origins of Heat Pasteurization 

In 1864, French chemist Louis Pasteur conducted a series of experiments demonstrating the antimicrobial effects of heating wine. Pasteur successfully killed off pathogenic bacteria that may have otherwise been in the liquid, by heating recent wine to a temperature of approximately 60 C (140 F). He also deactivated certain enzymes that cause early spoilage. Prior to Pasteur, history recorded many other instances of exposing wine to high-temperature environments. Mainly as a means to extend its shelf life. 

ETHA Kratom Herbal Tea and Heat Pasteurization 

At ETHA we take great pride at being an above GMP vendor, but moreover, having implemented these GMP standards from the very founding of the company. Not only that, but ETHA is one of only a few vendors that are GMP approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA). From the very inception we have placed meticulous attention in all things; from the ETHA logo itself, to the diligent lab testing, and to the superior quality of all ETHA products. 

ETHA has been at the forefront of creating, implementing and memorializing GMP standards. Some examples of ETHA’s exceptional manufacturing standards include: quarantine of harvest, triple filtration, and ultra-high heat pasteurization. Once a harvest enters our US facilities, we immediately quarantine it. Until we clear it free from any adulteration and any harmful biologics using our proprietary triple-filtration process and lab testing. Typically, majority of kratom vendors rely on the word of harvesters for purity and quality of a particular harvest. However, they really have no way to verify that information. As a result, the consumers of those products are always taking somewhat of a gamble. 

ETHA does things differently. On top of our quarantining, lab testing, and filtration, ETHA goes through the extra step of ultra high-heat pasteurization to eliminate harmful biologics like salmonella before the harvest is made into a product for sale. Consequently, this does cost ETHA more time and money. However, it does produce the superior ETHA quality that our customers expect. 

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